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Glossary beginning with L

Glossary terms

La Nouvelle Agencesearch for term
La Rondesearch for term

Subtitled 'the Playwright's Ring', this unusual site links playwrights' own sites and is worth a look if you want to join the ring. Focus on stage plays.

Lar Cassidy Awardsearch for term

Award £15,000.

An Chomhairle Ealaíon (The Irish Arts Council), 70 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland

Phone 00 353 1 6180200

Fax 00 353 1 6761302

The award commemorates the life and work of the late Lar Cassidy, pioneering arts administrator and former Arts Council Literature and Community Arts Officer. The aim of the award in 2002 is to support an individual writer working on a new or experimental fiction project. (In alternate years, the award will be offered to an arts practitioner working in the field of combined arts.) Information sheet/application form available.


Laurence Fitch Ltdsearch for term

Represents screenwriters and specialises in film and TV.

Also affiliated with Film Rights Ltd; works with several agencies in USA and in Europe.

Authors include Carlo Ardito, John Chapman, Peter Coke, Ray Cooney obe , Dave Freeman, John Graham, Robin Hawdon, Jeremy Lloyd (plays) Dawn Lowe-Watson, Glyn Robbins, Edward Taylor and the Estate of the late Dodie Smith.

See also: Film Rights Ltd
Laurence Stern Fellowshipsearch for term

Department of Journalism, City University, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB

Phone 020 7040 8224

Fax 020 7040 8594

Contact: Bob Jones

Founded 1980. Awarded to a young journalist experienced enough to work on national stories. It gives them the chance to work on the national desk of the Washington Post. Benjamin Bradlee, the Post's Vice-President-at-Large, selects from a shortlist drawn up in March/April. 2003 winner: Tania Branigan of The Guardian. Full details available on the website.


Lavinia Trevor Literary Agencysearch for term

Lavinia Trevor Literary Agency is an independent agency established in 1993 by Lavinia Trevor, who is a member of the Association of Authors' Agents.

The agency represents writers of both fiction (commercial and literary) and general non-fiction (including popular science).

Wherever appropriate they also handle and exploit underlying rights in clients’ books (e.g. translation, US, audio) usually working with co-agents around the world.

For film/television rights they work with The Agency, a distinguished independent theatrical agency also based in London.

LAW (Lucas Alexander Whitley Ltd)search for term

LAW represents a diverse client list of writers working in all genres of fiction (excluding adult sci-fi and fantasy) and every area of non-fiction, from politics to popular culture, from cookery to contemporary memoir, and from history to high fashion. We also represent children's writers in all categories from pre-school to young adult.

Handles full-length commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. No fantasy (except children’s), no science-fiction, plays, poetry or textbooks. Film/TV scripts are handled for established clients only. Submission guidelines in .pdf on agents website.

All submissions should be sent, in hard copy, by post to: LAW, 14 Vernon Street, London, W14 0RJ.

PLEASE NOTE they do not accept submissions by fax, email (or email attachment) or disk.

Synonyms: Jacintha Alexander Associates, LAW, Lucas Alexander Whitley
Laystar Magazinesearch for term

Although not strictly a writers' magazine, this site allows writers to hone their article-writing skills and get their work published on the web. There are no submission fees but also no fees paid. Clear guidelines enable writers to work on writing to a commercial brief for online publication.

LBLA (Lorella Belli Literary Agency)search for term

Particularly interested in first-time writers, journalists, international and multicultural writing and books on Italy.

No children's, science fiction, fantasy, academic, poetry, original scripts.

No reading fee. May suggest revision.

Send outline plus 2 chapters for non-fiction; synopsis and initial 3 chapters for fiction. Sae essential.

Works with overseas and dramatic associates.

Synonyms: LBLA
League of Canadian Poetssearch for term

Very good online poetry bookstore which also has useful guidelines for submission and finding a publisher, competitions and who's who in Canadian poetry. Reviews Canadian poetry exclusively.

Lebrecht Music and Arts Picture Librarysearch for term
Previously known as the Lebrecht Music Collection, this library has recently launched a new website focusing on classical music. Through its association with libraries in France and Germany it can offer 8 million images in music and the arts.Synonyms: Lebrecht Music Collection
Lena Bankssearch for term
Not for everyone but an energetic and 'professional Hollywood Script Reader, a fanatical proof-reader, a script fixer, coach, Mentor and Kick-Ass Muse', who will help you get your script into shape.
Lennart Sane Agency ABsearch for term
Synonyms: Lennart Sane Agency
Leonhardt Høier Literary Agency a/ssearch for term
Lescher Lescher Ltdsearch for term

No unsolicited MSS; query first with sase.

No reading fee. Founded 1966.

Fiction Genres

  • Commercial
  • Juvenile
  • Literary
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Thriller

Nonfiction Genres

  • Autobiography/Biography
  • Cookbooks
  • Current Affairs
  • Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle
  • History
  • Memoirs
  • Politics
  • Popular Culture
  • Psychology

No unsolicited MSS; query first with sase, or email. No reading fee.

Lex Copyrightsearch for term
Liberalissearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Liberalis is a Latin word which evokes ideas of freedom, liberality, generosity of spirit, dignity, honour, books, the liberal arts education tradition and the work of the Greek grammarian and storyteller Antonius Liberalis. We seek to combine all these interlinked aspects in the books we publish. See also: John Hunt Publishing
Libraries Associationsearch for term

A superb index of literary links - Libraries Association

Library of Congresssearch for term

The national library of the United States, which offers a massive amount of information easily available, including details about copyright registration.

LibraryThingsearch for term

Innovative online cataloguing site, which has already catalogued 17 million books. It lets you catalogue all the books you own and use tags to organize your own collection. Book world has called it: "one of the Seven Wonders of the Web"

Liepman AGsearch for term

Founded 1949

Represent publishing houses and agencies from the USA, UK, Canada, France and Israel exclusively for German language publication rights.

Represents authors, agents and publishers from all over the world for German translation rights, and selected international authors for world rights.

Also handle world rights for international authors and represent estates such as Anne Frank

Life Cycle of a Booksearch for term
Lightssearch for term
Handy site which provides links to 7,500 US publishers' sites and online catalogues.
Limelight Managementsearch for term

Celebrity Management company and Literary Agency based in London's West End.

Focuses on lifestyle subjects and experts.

Agents for TV celebrities, broadcasters, writers, journalists, celebrity speakers and media personalities, after dinner speakers and motivational speakers who are specialists.

Also a literary agency specialising in non-fiction books in the lifestyle areas, particularly cookery, gardening, health & beauty, nutrition, relationships, business motivation and interior design.

They are also currently interested in looking at some fiction, particularly women’s interest.


Please email your proposal to

Due to the large number of unsolicited manuscripts they receive, and the small number of works published from those submissions, they do not accept large attachments via email.

Please do not send huge attachments, if they are interested and want to see more of your work they will email you. Those emails sent with large attachments will be deleted without being read.

Will suggest revision where appropriate. No reading fee.

Founded 1991.

Association of Authors' Agents

Lippincott Massie McQuilkinsearch for term
Lit -netsearch for term

Literary website from the UK's West Midlands which offers writers a load of information about events and some interesting links.

Lit Netsearch for term

Virtual literary centre for writers coming from the West Midlands in the UK. From a fairly opinionated and individual point of view offers an inclusive approach to literature.

Literary Market Placesearch for term

This site uses the huge publishing database belonging to the American publishing bible Literary Market Place, but free access is only to the small press listings and publishers' names and addresses. To get access to all the other information and to use of their powerful search facility, the annual fee is $399.

Literature Trainingsearch for term

UK website set up by seven literature organisations which provides a mass of information about writing courses and professional development for writers, including funding, events and resources.

Literature Walessearch for term
The national society of Welsh writers, this offers a wide range of support for Welsh writers and writers in Welsh, including courses, competitions, conferences, author tours international exchanges, reading and literary performances. It also funds Welsh-based literary events and writers residences and an innovative scheme for talented young writers, called 'young writing squads'.

Litrosearch for term

Litro publishes online and has a free distribution of 100,000 in the London area. Accepts submissions of short stories, flash fiction and creative non-fiction up to a maximum of 3,000 words, but not poetry. No payment offered.

Liza Dawson Associatessearch for term
London Independent Bookssearch for term

Specialises in commercial, fantasy and teenage fiction, show business, travel. Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%).

Also specialises in teenage fiction (home 10-15%, overseas 20%). Handles fiction for 9-12 year-olds, teenage fiction and non-fiction. Also handles adult fiction, show business and travel; approx. one-third of list is for the children's market. Submit 2 chapters and a synopsis with return postage. No reading fee.

Will suggest revision of promising MSS.

Authors include Alex Bell, Joe Delaney, Keith Gray, Elizabeth Kay, Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Glenn Mitchell, Connie Monk, Richard Morgan, Steve Mosby, Chris Wooding. Founded 1971. Authors include Simon Chapman, Joe Delaney, Keith Gray, Elizabeth Kay, Elizabeth Richardson, Craig Simpson, Chris Wooding.

Founded 1971.

Louise Allen-Jonessearch for term
Louise Greenberg Books Ltdsearch for term

Literary fiction and non-fiction.

No reading fee. Return postage and sae essential. No telephone enquiries.

Synonyms: Louise Greenberg Books
Lucy Luck Associates (in association with Aitkin Alexander Associates Ltd)search for term

Established in 2006, Lucy Luck Associates Literary Agency represents writers of quality fiction and non-fiction.  The agency prides itself on its relationship with its authors and sees its role as encompassing all aspects of a writer's career, as well as offering focused representation in all markets throughout the world.

LLA deals directly with publishers in the UK and with publishers and co-agents in the US, Canada and Australia.

Foreign rights are handled by Aitken Alexander Associates, as are film and TV rights.  In addition, the agency has good relationships with national broadcasters and newspapers, and works closely with publishers in building the profile of authors.

The agency does not represent screenplays, children's books, illustrated books or genre fiction.  We aim to respond to submissions within 4 months.

Adult quality fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%, films/TV 15%).

Submit material by post or email, or using the submission for on agents website. Please limit your submission to the first 30-50 pages and include a covering letter and an SAE if required.

No reading fee.

Synonyms: Aitkin Alexander Associates, Lucy Luck Associates
Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltdsearch for term

Fiction: commercial and literary fiction, thrillers, crime, women's fiction. Non-fiction: history, science, parenting, lifestyle, diet, health, TV tie-ins.

As a literary agency, they do accept unsolicited manuscripts and are keen to find new authors and help them develop their careers.

They do not deal with poetry, children's stories or adult SF/fantasy.

You should send manuscripts addressed to 'SUBMISSIONS DEPARTMENT' with the following:

  • A covering letter
  • A brief synopsis
  • The first three chapters of the work on A4 paper, in double-spaced type on one side of the sheet only (please don't bind or staple your work and do remember to print your name and contact details on the cover of your manuscript).
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope if you want us to return your work otherwise an e-mail address for our response.
  • Please note that you should not send your only copy as if there is no self-addressed stamped envelope we will automatically dispose of your work.

Please note that they do not accept electronic submissions.

Authors include James Barrington, Chris Beardshaw, Gennaro Contaldo, Nick Foulkes, David Gibbins, Richard Hammond, Jane Hill, John Humphrys, Graham Joyce, Simon Kernick, Colin McDowell, Dr Gillian McKeith, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, James May, Nicola Monaghan, Mike Morley, Sue Palmer, Andrew Pepper, Melanie Phillips, Jem Poster, Esther Rantzen, John Rickards, Mike Rossiter, Catherine Samson, Prof. Bryan Sykes, Mitch Symons, Alan Titchmarsh, Martin Townsend, Sir Terry Wogan, Sally Worboyes.

Founded 2005.

Synonyms: Luigi Bonomi Associates
Lutyens & Rubinsteinsearch for term

Fiction and non-fiction, commercial and literary.

Send outline/2 sample chapters by email, or by post including sae. No reading fee.

Founded 1993.

Luxton Harris Ltdsearch for term

Non-fiction and fiction, especially sport, history, music and biography (home 15%, overseas 20%, film 15%).

No unsolicited MSS without prior consultation. No scripts, plays, poetry, science fiction, fantasy or children's books. No reading fee. Strong overseas representation.

Synonyms: Luxton Harris