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Glossary beginning with U

Glossary terms

--UK Government Statisticssearch for term

This is a goldmine for the numerically curious. There isn't a table for the way hemlines went up and down between the wars but if you dig around you could probably work it out. It helps if you understand how spreadsheets work.

UEA Writing Fellowshipsearch for term

Award £7,500 plus free flat on campus.

School of English and American Studies, University of East Anglia, University Plain, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7TJ

Phone 01603 592734

Fax 01603 593522

Director of Personnel & Registry Services: J.R.L. Beck

Established 1971. Awarded to a writer of established reputation in prose fiction and poetry for a period of six months, January to end June. The duties of the Fellowship are discussed at an interview. It is assumed that one activity will be the pursuit of the Fellow's own writing. In addition the Fellow will be expected to (a) offer an undergraduate creative writing workshop in the School of English and American Studies during the Spring semester; (b) make contact with groups around the county in association with East England Arts. Office space and some limited secretarial assistance will be provided, and some additional funds will be available to help the Fellow with the activities described above. Applications for the fellowship should be lodged with the Director of Personnel & Registry Services in the autumn; candidates should submit two examples of recent work. Previous winner: Jill Dawson.


UK Literary Heritage Working Groupsearch for term

Organisation working to save and retain in the UK the manuscripts and archives of modern and contemporary UK writers, which are continuing to be sold to institutions abroad, despite the efforts of publicly-funded collections in the UK.

Recent acquisitions include the archives of poet Don Patterson and novelist Piers Paul Read.

UK.Gov Online Coursessearch for term

The learner needs to register to use these basic free online courses. Lots available, including online shopping, using digital camera etc. Key typing into the search box to access keyboard skills.

Ulf Töregård Agency ABsearch for term
Uli Rushby-Smith Literary Agencysearch for term

Founded 1993. Fiction and non-fiction, literary and commercial.

No poetry, picture books, plays or film scripts.

Send outline, sample chapters (no disks) and return postage. No reading fee.

United Agentssearch for term
Click for United Agents Agents References listing
United Authors Ltdsearch for term
University of London Librarysearch for term
The powerful search engine of the library is very well-indexed and extremely useful for tracking down a list of books relating to a particular topic.[]=library
Urban Mythssearch for term

These sites expose the many extraordinary myths that modern communications have helped to spread.