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Glossary beginning with P

Glossary terms

--Perfect Edgesearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. For children of all ages, deliver a potent mix of fantastic, rip-roaring adventure and fantasy stories to excite the imagination; spiritual fiction to help the mind and the heart grow; humorous stories to make the funny bone grow; historical tales to evolve interest; and all manner of subjects that stretch imagination, grab attention, inform, inspire and keep the pages turning. Our subjects include Non-fiction and Fiction, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Religious, Spiritual, Historical, Adventure, Social Issues, Humour, Folk Tales and more.See also: John Hunt Publishing
--Psyche Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Psyche Books cover all aspects of psychology and matters relating to the head. Psychology: All forms, all disciplines, eg, business, criminal, educational, sport. Therapies: clinical analysis, CBT, counselling, hypnosis, NLP, psychoanalysis, psychodrama, psychotherapy, role-play.See also: John Hunt Publishing
--Parliament UKsearch for term

There are a number of official sites covering Parliament. Try this or this. Ironically, it is pretty hard to find any useful information about existing legislation.

--Public Record Officesearch for term

Provides access to thousands of documents.  Its Pathways to the Past provides a stunning selection of historical material, a treasure-chest for any student or researcher in history.

Pamela Paul Agencysearch for term
Pan Macmillansearch for term
One of largest fiction and non-fiction book publishers in UK; includes imprints of Pan, Picador and Macmillan Children’s BooksSee also: Pan Macmillan
Parenting Expresssearch for term is for parents (and people who care for children) writing creative non-fiction, memoir, poetry or anecdote about their experiences of giving birth and raising children. They can send in material for the site.

Paterson Marsh Ltdsearch for term

Book-length MSS; general but with special experience in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, history and education (20% worldwide including sub-agents' commission).

No fiction, articles or short stories except for existing clients. No children's books.

In order to consider your work they require the following material:

  • A covering letter a brief letter with your contact details and any relevant information, including any previously published work and any experience which relates to the book's subject matter.
  • A short synopsis. Fiction: outline the plot and main characters. Non-Fiction: a summary of the work and chapter outlines
  • Three consecutive chapters/ no more than 100 pages,
    • this should be double spaced with all pages numbered
    • Please put your name, address and contact number on the front of your manuscript
    • Please ensure that your name and the title of your work appear on all pages
  • Your CV

If you would rather submit by post, please state how you would like to receive your response (by email or post). If you would like a postal reply please include a small stamped addressed envelope or a large correctly stamped envelope if you would like your work returned. Please only send a copy of your work and not the original as items do go missing in the post.

Authors include Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, Hugh Brogan, Donald Winnicott, Peter Moss, Sir Arthur Evans, Dorothy Richardson, Hugh Schonfield, Georg Groddeck, Patrick Casement, John Seely.

Synonyms: Paterson Marsh
Paul Peter Fritz AG Literary Agencysearch for term
PAWS (Public Awareness of Science) Drama Script Fundsearch for term

The PAWS Office, OMNI Communications, Chancel House, Neasden Lane, London NW10 2TU

Phone 020 8214 1543

Fax 020 8214 1544

Contacts: Barrie Whatley, Andrew Millington

Established 1994. Annual award aimed at encouraging television scriptwriters to include science and engineering scenarios in their work. Grants (currently £2000) are given to selected writers to develop their script ideas into full treatments; prizes are awarded for the best of these treatments. The PAWS Fund holds meetings enabling writers to meet scientists and engineers and also offers a contacts service to put writers in `one-to-one' contact with specialists who can help them develop their ideas.


Pearson Playwrights' Schemesearch for term

80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL

Administrator: Jack Andrews, MBE

Awards four bursaries to playwrights annually, each worth £5000. Applicants must be sponsored by a theatre which then submits the play for consideration by a panel. Each award allows the playwright a twelve-month attachment. Applications invited via theatres in October each year. For up-to-date information, contact Jack Andrews (Tel 020 8943 8176).


Peggy Ramsay Foundationsearch for term

Grants total £150,000 to £200,000 per year.

Hanover House, 14 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HP

Phone 020 7667 5000

Fax 020 7667 5100

Contact: G. Laurence Harbottle

Founded 1992 in accordance with the will of the late Peggy Ramsay, the well-known agent. Grants are made to writers for the stage who have some experience and who need time and resources to make writing possible. Grants are also made for writing projects by organisations connected with the theatre. The Foundation does not support production costs or any project that does not have a direct benefit to playwriting. Writers must have some record of successful writing for the stage.


Pema Browne Ltdsearch for term

Fiction, non-fiction and juvenile books.

Review manuscripts only if never sent out to publishers.

We require that manuscripts be sent to only one agent at a time.

Children's books: Only published children's book authors will be accepted for review.

Queries must be sent by mail and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for reply or return of material.

Do not accept phone, fax or email queries with attachments.

PENsearch for term
Supported by eminent writers, this is the English branch of International Pen, which has centres in nearly 100 countries. It fights for freedom of expression and against political censorship. It campaigns for writers harassed, imprisoned and sometimes murdered for their views.
Penn Group Professional Writing Servicesearch for term

Ghostwriter service provided by smart professional firm operating out of New York City. As well as ghostwriting, there are a number of useful articles on working with a ghostwriter.

Peter Knight Agencysearch for term

Motor sports, cartoon books, business, history and factual and biographical material.

No poetry, science fiction or cookery.

No unsolicited MSS. Send letter accompanied by CV and sae with synopsis of proposed work. No email submissions.

Overseas associates United Media (USA), Auspac Media (Australia), Puzzle Company (NZ).

Founded 1985.

PFD (The Peters Fraser & Dunlop Group Ltd)search for term
Represents authors of fiction and non-fiction, children's writers, screenwriters, playwrights, documentary makers, technicians, presenters and public speakers throughout the world. Has 85 years of international experience in all media. PDF now have a POD section. Some good advice for those seeking a representative.Synonyms: PFD
Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agencysearch for term
PhotoIrelandsearch for term
This is an independent creative photographic agency specialising in images of Ireland. It features the work of accomplished photographers who live or spend a lot of time in Ireland. Their categories are Stock Photography, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, Images/Photos of Ireland and Photojournalism.
Photolibrarysearch for term

This is an independent creative photographic agency specialising in images of Ireland. It features the work of accomplished photographers who live or spend a lot of time in Ireland. Their categories are Stock Photography, Travel Photography, Landscape Photography, Images/Photos of Ireland and Photojournalism.

Picture Nationsearch for term
Rapidly growing and fairly new UK picture agency which functions as a photographers' community and concentrates on everyday images. It already has over 100,000 live images from over 11,000 photographers. The site's royalty-free images easily available online and if you are a photographer you can upload you own images to sell your work. Their images are royalty-free with prices starting from £1 for web and £10 for print.
Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agencysearch for term
Pippin Properties for term
Playmarketsearch for term
Playmarket - NZ Playwrightssearch for term


New Zealand Playwrights’ Agent. Advisor. Bookshop.

Our vision is for quality New Zealand plays receiving quality productions.

Our focus is the development, support and representation of New Zealand playwrights. We are a key advocate for the continued growth of New Zealand theatre on our stages and coordinate a range of resources, services and opportunities for playwrights.



The rights and interests of playwrights represented

The Playmarket Agency, headed by Murray Lynch, issues and manages performance licences, advises on and negotiates commission and collaboration agreements, manages royalty payments, maintains an archive of playwrights’ work and materials related to it and circulates their plays to producers and theatres in NZ and internationally.


Playwrights Publishing Cosearch for term
Husband-and-wife run online publishing company for plays, both one-act and full-length. They charge a small reading fee but, if accepted, half of your work will go online to gauge interest and hopefully collect royalties. You can download their guidelines from the site.
Playwrights Union of Canadasearch for term

Useful advice, particularly in book entitled Strategies: The Business of being a Playwright in Canada.

Podnova Windows Librarysearch for term

Husband-and-wife run online publishing company for plays, both one-act and full-length. They charge a small reading fee but, if accepted, half of your work will go online to gauge interest and hopefully collect royalties. You can download their guidelines from the site.

Poem2Daysearch for term

Submit your poems to this site to get them published online, 48 hour response guaranteed. They are looking for 'warm, inspired, quality poems in English'.

PoemHuntersearch for term

A feast for lovers of traditional poetry, with over 30,000 poems from nearly 5,000 poets, ranging from Emily Dickinson (1,161) to W B Yeats (353) and unknowns such as Tamsin Wright and Patsy Patterson (3 each).

Poetry Archivesearch for term
Online archive with recordings of over 130 living poets' voices, mostly from the UK; you can listen to excerpts on their wonderful site or go to to buy hour-long recordings on CD. www.poetryarchive.orgSee also: Andrew Motion
Poetry Book Societysearch for term
Specialist book club founded by T S Eliot in 1953, which aims to offer the best new poetry published in the UK and Ireland. Members buy at 25% discount. The PBS has a handsome new website at
Poetry Bookshop Onlinesearch for term

Ambitious brand-new online bookselling site, set up by the Poetry Book Society, which offers 90,000 poetry titles available in the UK and continuously updated news, articles, poetry events, updates and information about poetry.

Poetry Dailysearch for term

As its name suggests, this accessible site provides a new poem every day, chosen often for its topical or seasonal appeal, but it also provides news and tries 'to make it easier for people to find poets and poetry they like.'

Poetry International Foundationsearch for term

Internationally-oriented poetry site relating to annual festival - in London in October 2004 - but also offers a continuous poetry festival on the web of poetry from all over the world available in translation in English.

Poetry Irelandsearch for term
The website of the Irish National Poetry Organisation, offering a resource centre, introductions and readings from new and emerging poets resident in Ireland.
Poetry Librarysearch for term
Excellent library containing 80,000 volumes on the London South Bank, which covers all twentieth century poetry published in the UK and much in translation. Any UK resident can join. Useful Archive and Lost Quotations feature. Currently running survey about setting up free access poetry magazines library, which you can find at
Poetry Magazinesearch for term

90 year old magazine which has weekly featured poet, poetry foundation and Poetry Press.

Poetry of Indiasearch for term

Classic Indian poetry, some of it in English, available on various sites.

Poetry Today Onlinesearch for term

Links site, with contests, writing web-rings, poetry e-lists, online publications, literary resources, personal poetry pages and motivational websites.

Poetry.comsearch for term

Poetry website focusing on more traditional work, with 100 Greatest Poems ever written, online rhyming dictionary and thesaurus with search and Poetry Laureate Course for $329 plus postage and handling.

PoetryMagicsearch for term

In spite of the slightly fey title, this 250,000 word site is a storehouse of useful information for beginners and advanced poets, with a series of pithy tutorials, which are also available in book form.

Poets and Writers Onlinesearch for term

30-year-old non-profit magazine which supports and shows the work of poets and other literary writers. Writers’ exchange and topical information on the site.

Poets Union Incsearch for term

Non-profit-making Australian organisation with 500 members which arranges readings, workshops, tours and festivals, all offering development opportunities for poets.

Pollinger Limitedsearch for term
formerly Laurence Pollinger Ltd, successor of Pearn, Pollinger and Higham; Clients include writers of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction, many illustrious literary estates, as well as screenwriters, illustrators and photographers; majority of clients are based in the UK and their major sales base is to UK publishing industry and to film/TV, audio and educational markets and other intellectual property areasSynonyms: "Pearn, Pollinger and Higham", Laurence Pollinger Ltd
Poor Rude Linessearch for term
Power Typingsearch for term

Uses a traditional approach to develop skills.

Prava I Prevodi Literary Agency Permissions Rights Ltdsearch for term
Prentice Beaumontsearch for term
Print Driverssearch for term

Print drivers let you get the best from your printer and the computers or operating system you use. If you have lost the disks or now attach an old printer to a new computer, have a look.

Brother Printer Drivers
Epson Printer Drivers
HP Printer Drivers

Project Gutenbergsearch for term

Contains thousands of classic texts, available for download. The site, which looks a bit dull, is backed by university departments and other institutions all over the world and gives links to sites which will help you download a Project Gutenberg text to an e-book..

Projects ETCsearch for term
ProjectsETC is a growing UK resource for people creating interactive projects in Education, Technology and Culture. It brings together practical guidance pieces, case studies and inspiring comment pieces to prompt debate. You can publish your material on the site to share your knowledge and help others.
Public Lending Right Schemesearch for term

Under the United Kingdom's PLR Scheme authors receive payments from government funds for the free borrowing of their books from public libraries in the United Kingdom. To qualify for payment, authors must apply to register their books. Find out how to register and the statistical data generated by it on trends in public borrowing.

Publishers Informationsearch for term
Publishers Licensing Society Ltdsearch for term

Representing British publishers, the PLS has mandates from 1600 publishers granting the Society the authority to license photocopying of pages from published works.

Publishers Weeklysearch for term
International news website of book publishing and bookselling including business news, reviews, bestseller lists, commentaries
Publishers’ Association of South Africasearch for term

Association representing South African publishers, who are listed in a detailed directory. Also awards information.

Publishing Irelandsearch for term
Click for Publishing Ireland Publishers References listing
Publishing Training Centresearch for term

Well-organised and highly-regarded training centre for UK publishing, which has recently introduced online distance learning copy editing, proof-reading and copywriting courses.

PubListsearch for term

Invaluable for research, a free site providing access to 150,000 journals, magazines and newsletters, more than half of them outside the US. Includes 300 subject categories for searching. Although you need to register and login, you go to the publisher's site to download and pay.

Puttick Agencysearch for term

Not taking any new authors for the foreseeable future.

This agency specializes in general non-fiction (including books by academic authors suitable for the general reader)

Does not handle fiction, poetry, drama, screenplays or children's books.

Prefers to be approached by email. The subject heading should make it clear that this is a publishing enquiry. Any messages that could be mistaken for spam may be deleted.

Initial enquiries should include a brief synopsis (two or three pages) with author information. Please see 'How to write a publishing proposal'. Don't send any manuscripts at this stage.

Prefers not to receive proposals and material via post, and will not sign for a recorded delivery. If you do contact them by post, it is essential to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SAE) for a reply or the return of manuscripts. Owing to the large volume of submissions, they are unable to give any feedback.

If requested, please send sample chapters with a synopsis, but don't send whole manuscripts unless specifically asked.

It is essential to let them know if your work has been sent to any other agents or publishers, previously or simultaneously to approaching them. It is also very important to tell them if you have any existing agreement with another literary agent, or are negotiating with them, otherwise there may be legal and/or ethical complications later if you sign with this agency.

Full-length MSS (home 15%, overseas 20%). General and narrative non-fiction including health and personal development, biography and memoir, current affairs, business, history, philosophy, science.

No fiction, poetry, screenplays, drama, children's books.

No reading fee

Founded 1995.

PVA Management Ltdsearch for term

PVA Management was originally established in 1978.

Represents non-fiction only.

Clients include Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Simon Lycett, Geof Hamilton, James Bellini, Colin Chapman, David Icke, Gordon Smith, Jonah Barrington, Wallace Rayburn, Larry Grayson, Alan Melville, Roger Tabor, Chris Tarrant, the Rev'd Septimus Bunbury

Send synopsis and sample chapters together with return postage.

Synonyms: PVA Management