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Pricing Guidelines

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Pricing guidelines

Given the range of possible formats and lengths, it is impossible to quote one fee to cover every book. But we do our best here to tell you what it will cost you and what you will receive.

How to order

The costings are based on our Print on Demand service. The end product is your book, which can be purchased by the public online or through bookshops and by you.

  • You can estimate the cost. This is based on the figures you provide. We reserve the right to adjust the quote when we see the work. There is no obligation to go ahead.
  • If you want to proceed on the basis of this estimate please send us the work, the book brief and the cover design brief, together with half the total payment.  We then provide you with some sample pages and a cover rough for your book. Your fee is a contribution to the eventual cost of the design work.
  • Once the designer has agreed the design issues with you, we will confirm the price of preparing your book for production, including all of the costs,although we do not expect it to change much from the estimate.

    Here are some sample costs:

    • A 256 page paperback with a simple cover but without illustrations will cost about £870.
    • A 400 page book with 100 illustrations to be set and an artist-designed cover might cost £1700.
    • Once you have accepted the quote, we send a contract for your signature and you pay the agreed fee.

    The only other 'cost' is incurred when each book is ordered through POD. But you do not get a bill for this! Instead you receive your payment as the publisher when the money is collected through the distribution chain from the person ordering the book.

    Alternatively, you can order copies of your book to be delivered directly to you and we will ask for prepayment. There is no minimum order but the unit price will be as per your contract with us.

    We discuss the details of what you want before we quote a price.