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Writer's Edit service

A top-level new service for writers who want line-editing as well as copy editing

Does your manuscript need high-level input from an editor to help you get it into shape for submission or self-publishing?

Our new service provides a line-by-line edit accompanied by a set of notes that work as a writer's companion, giving comments and advice on quirks of style and grammar, continuity alerts, advice on character consistency, narrative flow, personal idiosyncrasies such as characteristic word choices, tips on specific techniques (dialogue, regional and foreign voices and page layout).

The line edit involves correcting mistakes and sorting out minor problems with the text and is suitable for the more experienced writer. In short, this service offers the kind of editing which publishers' senior editors used to do in-house on their authors' manuscripts.

The editor will also copy edit your work whilst carrying out the line edit.

We can carry out line edits in British English, American English and International English.

We have just introduced a free sample of your editing as a standard part of our service.

Our editors work on screen and we will produce as standard but at no additional cost two versions of the manuscript, one with line editing and copy editing changes made using 'track changes' and one with all the changes accepted. Unless you are familiar with track changes we strongly recommend that you read through and use the second version, but hope that it will prove helpful to be able to see the detailed changes the editor has made.

You will also receive the editor's notes on your work.

Getting a quote

We need to assess your work before we can give you a quote for the Writer's edit so please send it to us at There is no charge for this assessment, but please send your manuscript to us as a Word document. We cannot quote without seeing the material because we can't estimate how long the work will take. If your manuscript needs a lot of further work, we will need to quote you a higher fee, but we also charge less if there's less work to do.

The hours the work requires are reflected in the fee structure, which is according to the length of the manuscript and the state it's in.

What it costs

On fiction we charge from £.0075 per word. This means that an 80,000 word manuscript might cost £.0075 x 80,000 i.e. £600. Since non-fiction is usually more taxing to work on and takes more time, we charge more for non-fiction manuscripts. On non-fiction we charge from £.0085 per word, with a minimum of 50,000 words ie £425.

This unique service provides high quality editing at a competitive price which compares well with other editing services.

Fees are payable in advance.

When we send your quote we will send a free three-page sample of the Writer's Edit and give you a date for completion of the work, which is normally within two or three weeks of receipt of your order and payment. If you are in a particular rush we can often achieve a faster turnaround than this, but please make any deadlines clear when you send your manuscript to us for a quote.

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