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Writing Opportunities


Writing Opportunities - competitions and prizes you can enter

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31 January 2024 The Prototype Publishing Prize
Open to writers resident in the UK or Ireland. No entry fee
£3,000 plus publication by Prototype will go to the best book-length project A second prize of £2,000 plus publication by Monitor Books will be awarded to the best proposal for a short-form work.
3 weeks 5 days ago
7 January 2024 The Selfies Book Awards UK 2024
Authors who have self-published adult fiction, children’s fiction or adult non-fiction in the UK between January and December 2023. Entry fee: £35 per title to include a six-month subscription to Bookbrunch
£750 cash prize for each category plus other prizes
1 week 6 days ago
31 December 2023 The Moth Poetry Prize 2023
Open to all poets over 16 for an unpublished poem. Entry fee €15 per poem and you can enter as many poems as you like
1st prize €6,000, plus three runner-up prizes of €1,000 and eight commended poets will each receive €250
5 weeks 5 days ago
30 November 2023 National Novel Writing Month 2023
Open to all writers No entry fee
You win by writing a 50,000 word novel
7 weeks 6 days ago
31 October 2023 The National Poetry Competition 2023
Open to anyone 18 or over from all over the world to enter an unpublished poem of up to 40 lines. Entry fee £8 for first entry, £5 for unlimited subsequent entries
First Prize: £5,000, Second Prize £2,000 and Third Prize £1,000, Commendations £200
9 weeks 6 days ago
30 September 2023 The Moth Nature Writing Prize 2023
Open to anyone over the age of 16 with an unpublished piece of nature writing. Entry fee €15 per entry
First Prize €1,000 and a week-long stay at The Circle of Misse in France, Second Prize €500 and Third Prize €250
11 weeks 6 days ago
18 September 2023 Mslexia Women's Fiction Competitions 2023
All women are eligible. Not clear whether there’s an entry fee
15 weeks 5 days ago
14 September 2023 First Graphic Novel Award
UK residents only. Entry fee £10
First option for publication
13 weeks 6 days ago
1 September 2023 2023 Manchester Writing Competitions
Open internationally to those aged 16 or over. Entry fee for both prizes £18
Two £10,000 prizes are awarded: the Manchester Poetry Prize for best portfolio of poems and the Manchester Fiction Prize for best short story
19 weeks 5 days ago
8 August 2023 The Emma Press open submissions
Non-agented submissions in English from anywhere in the world. No entry fee
Publication by The Emma Press and small advances
21 weeks 6 days ago
10 July 2023 Ledbury Poetry Competition 2023
All poets writing in English are eligible, no matter where they live. Entry fee £6 per poem
First prize £1,000 cash and a week's poetry course at Arvon, Second Prize £500 and Third prize £250
23 weeks 6 days ago
30 June 2023 The Moth Short Story Prize 2023
Open to all writers over 16. Entry fee €15 per story
1st prize €3,000, 2nd prize week-long writing retreat at Circle of Misse in France plus €250 travel stipend, 3rd prize €1,000
27 weeks 3 days ago