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Internet and the Writer

Internet and the Writer from WritersBookStall


Writing for the Internet (One Step Ahead)

Jane Dorner, John Seely
OUP Oxford

A practical guide which shows you how to prepare, structure and style web copy. Also covers evaluating what makes an effective website and how to keep readers interested.

Internet and the Writer


A Writer's Guide to the Internet (Writers' Guides)

Trevor Ralph Lockwood, Karen Scott
Allison & Busby

Helps every writer to make the most of the Internet, including how to make money on the net, submissions, publishing your novel on the Internet, email and how to contact other writers.

Internet and the Writer


Producing for Web 2.0: A student guide (Media Skills)

Jason Whittaker

How to plan, set up and manage a website, a practical toolkit which also provides an overview of current technology. Described by netmag as ‘an excellent insight into the main issues of creating a website and offering a good foundation of knowledge’.

Internet and the Writer


Creative Web Writing

Jane Dorner
A & C Black Publishers Ltd

The author of a number of other books about writing and the Internet deals with the creative writing skills that new media forms demand. She covers collaborative storytelling, research online, interactivity and flexible text. Her examination of innovative creative genres such as autobiography, poetry, broadcasting, screenwriting and writing for children brings the reader bang up to date with what the web can offer and how you can provide it.

Internet and the Writer


The Internet: A Writer's Guide

Jane Dorner
A & C Black Publishers Ltd

Good general introductory book which shows you how the Internet can be used as an aid to research or as a means of publishing your work. Detailed information, presented in a thoughtful way. The 2nd Edition has fully revised web listings, details of search strategies and information about online writing communities.

Internet and the Writer


The Internet for Writers (Teach Yourself)

John Ralph
Teach Yourself Books

Provides a mass of useful information, including writing techniques for the Internet, newsgroups, useful sites etc

Internet and the Writer


Journalism Online

Mike Ward

How to apply fundamental journalistic skills to the online medium, including an introduction to HTML and online research.

Internet and the Writer


Writing for New Media: The Essential Guide to Writing for Interactive Media, CD-ROMs and the Web (Wiley Books for Writers)

Andrew Bonime, Ken C. Pohlmann
John Wiley & Sons

This book shows you how to think interactively and produce interactive elements in your work when writing CD Roms and web pages, and how to write for other interactive media.

Internet and the Writer


Online Markets for Writers

Anthony Tedesco, Paul Tedesco
Henry Holt & Company Inc

Two seasoned cyber-scribes from Writer’s Market provide a database of submission guidelines, advice, tips, a sample contract and free updates on the web.

Internet and the Writer

Writing for the Web: Geeks' Edition (Self-Counsel writing series)

Crawford Killian
Roundhouse Publishing Ltd

The ‘Geeks’ edition, for those at home on the Web but not good at writing, deals with how to write prose that is as good as your code, orienting visitors to your site, informing readers effectively and prompting them to take action.

Internet and the Writer

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