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Ordering options

About us

There are 3 steps to order any service
  1. Complete the order form
  2. Send any document by attaching to an email to:
  3. Pay any fee

Your questions answered

Pre-order check list

Sending your manuscript: please attach it to an email to If you are having any problems with this, please send an email to this address letting us know.

Can you send your manuscript by post?

There are 2 ways to pay

  1. Do it yourself via one of our secure, on-line payment providers, WorldPay or PayPal
  2. Send a cheque No cash please.


Use of forms

  • The forms have boxes for the information you need to send.
  • It makes sense to gather the information, such as the word count, before you start to complete the form.
  • When you click the submit button, the data is sent to WritersServices.
Use of email

You can just email us with your order if you don't want to use the forms. Please explain in the email what you want and attach any files. The forms guide you through the information we need.

The forms you can use:
  1. A simple order or request-a-quote form (and the email alternative)
  2. File upload - Just attach your manuscriptto an email to
Who are you?

Please make sure that you use the same email address every time you contact us.

If you want to change your email identity please let us know.

You can make temporary or permanent changes to your email address using the contact form.