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Our Partners

About us

We are supported by an excellent corporate team.

XHost is our web host. They look after the computer and connect it to their ultra high capacity communications network in Cornwall. They make sure that the site is available 24 x 7 x 365 and that you can access the information quickly.

Worldpay provides our secure payment system. Whenever you transfer funds to us, you are linked to their site for the transfer to take place in a secure environment. They tell both parties that the money has been transferred. They are one of the biggest Internet payment providers in the world and allow writers overseas to pay in their local currency. For a good explanation of their secure payment provider and reassurance on secure payments, check them out.

Amazon is our bookselling partner and you can link directly to them from our site to buy books. They provide an excellent service for delivering the books to your address in the UK, and with reasonable charges for the rest of the world. They also stock a full range of DVDs, CDs and videos.  See our WritersBookstall for a superb range of over 200 books for writers.

Lightning Source, the biggest print on demand printer in both the UK and the US, is the main printer used by WritersPrintShop, our self-publishing service.

In the UK the company has printed millions of books, as part of the significant increase in POD book manufacturing. Self-publishers can have their books printed in the UK or the US and they can be sent all over the world.

‘Books are by no means dead – they are very much alive and well’, says David Taylor, President of Lightning Source. ‘To remain in step with change and to confront and win the challenges many publishers are facing today, print on demand must be used to its full potential.’