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Whats new: 11 September 2023 - What's new 11 September 2023
  • ‘With the rise of a new genre, we've seen a lot of readers determined to label what qualifies as 'cosy fantasy'. Meanwhile, I'm out there writing dragon attacks that almost kill my main character, so... I really don't have a definition. This genre seems to be all about the vibes, and that'...
Link: Questions for: Becky Brown 11 September 2023

The co-head of Curtis BrownSee Curtis Brown listing Heritage contributes to our Q&A series

Describe your job
I represent the...

Print has been dead for as long as I've been at The Bookseller. If we didn't feel so continually threatened, the business wouldn't get out of bed.



When Wes Brown sought out children's books for his two young sons, he made sure to seek titles that reflected the family he and his husband were building.

In 1938, George Weidenfeld arrived in London as an Austrian-Jewish refugee. He could barely speak the language. He had no family in England. No friends. No money. He was just 19 years old.

The National Literacy TrustUK-based organisation which has campaigned since 1993 to improve literacy standards across all age groups. Excellent research information and details of the many...

I've always been fascinated by families and what drives their unique dynamics. I think perhaps it's because mine is so small; both my parents are only children and I have only one sibling. But what fascinates me even more than the family we're born into, is the family we marry. After all, we...

It is, in fact, possible to have a decent time on Goodreads. You just have to ignore everything about the way the site is designed and how you're supposed to use it. When I first signed up in early 2012, I obeyed all the prompts. I populated my "to-read" shelf with the platform's recommendations...

Link: The Writer as Magpie ‹ CrimeReads 11 September 2023

I am not the kind of writer who finds every plot twist, detail of setting, and character description in my imagination. I am like a magpie when it comes to developing a story, shamelessly borrowing from and building on whatever I see and hear. Here's an example.

After several critics complained of being quoted out of context on the covers of Jordan Peterson's new book, the industry body has spoken out against the practice

Let's start first with first sentences.

It seems to me that a good deal of time is spent in writing workshops talking about first sentences. Which is, I believe, as it should be.

Amazon has revised its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) guidelines to require users to acknowledge AI-generated content, however the new section distinguishes between AI-generated content and AI-assisted content and does not compel disclosure of the latter.

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