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Whats new: 12 February 2024 - What's new 12 February 2024
  • ‘I didn't set out to write a novel about the future. Most of my novels have been set in the past, which for me is the space of the greatest mystery and enlightenment. The future, if I thought about it, seemed by contrast thin and predictable.

Two leaders of Worldcon Intellectual Property (WIP), the nonprofit that holds the service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, have reportedly stepped down from their posts following accusations of censorship in the voting process for the 2023 Hugo Awards.

HarperCollins global revenues grew 4% to $550m (£436m) in the three months to 31st December 2023, compared to the same period last year, primarily driven by higher digital sales, which benefited from strong audiobooks performance and improved return rates.

Bolstered US presence sees editors and agents excited for 'buzzier' London Book Fair 2024

Book sales boom as readers escape the ‘oversaturation and noise of the wild west digital landscape'

Why a good old-fashioned book is better for your mental health.

Last year ended #HEA (that's happily ever after) for Romance & Sagas, as sales continued an upward BookTok-boosted momentum to hit £62.4m through Nielsen BookScan's Total Consumer Market. That's the category's second-best total ever, only bettered by 2012's Fifty Shades of Grey-fuelled (£68....

I cherish this august institution. Moving with the times doesn't mean sidelining fellows - or devaluing the society's principles

Georgia Summers' first novel The City of Stardust (Hodderscape) bagged the number one spot in its launch week, becoming the second fantasy novel in as many weeks to nab the Official UK Top 50 pole position on the back of a subscription box promotion.

While some are describing a "definite increase" in audio sales following the launch of audiobooks on Spotify Premium, most agents say it is still too early to have a realistic sense of its impact on revenues.

Link: Self-Publishing Facts and Figures 12 February 2024

Did you know?

Link: Not such artificial innovation 12 February 2024

George Walkley reports on a year of thinking about AI in publishing

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