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Self-Publishers' estimator

WritersServices Self-publishing

Estimating what your costs are likely to be

Preparation costs

We have put together four different charts to allow you to estimate the costs of self-publishing with Writers Services Self-publishing:

  1. Estimate the number of pages - The cost of publication and printing depends on the number of pages - don't forget to add about 10 pages for the preliminaries. You might have to make an allowance for illustrations and charts.
  2. Work out the cost to set up your book - this includes the proof stage and details such as legal deposit that WSSP takes care of for you.
  3. Work out the cost to design your book
  4. Look up the unit cost for books delivered to you. The books are also sold through bookshops and Amazon where you set the price and retail margin.

This service makes it easy for you to publish and distribute your own book. You can contact us if you need more details or are ready to order and there is a page with payment options.

Marketing costs

Marketing and promotion can take vast amounts of money but there are other ways to get your book noticed.



We have worked out the cost for a paperback, an A4-sized paperback, a hardback and a cloth-bound copy with dust jacket. Check the full list of formats available.


  • We often ask you to pay 50% of the estimate when submitting the work, depending on the publication plan.
  • Every book and every project is unique so we will provide a detailed quote with some sample pages and designs once we have seen the work.

Every attempt has been made to convey accurate information. However, we reserve the right to amend the prices. Please contact us if you want to check the costs. The prices include appropriate UK taxes. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is any further information you need. We look forward to helping you publish your work.


Does your book deserve the attentions of a professional  copy editor?

Writers Services offers a full range of editorial services.

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  1. Work out the design and set up cost
  2. Unit cost business & marketing plans
  3. Book order form and payment page

You are off to a very good marketing start with WPS as we link all our titles into Amazon and several of the biggest book distributors so your book can be ordered, delivered and the money collected worldwide.

Choose WPS as your publishing partner.

We operate from the UK and under the financial rules and regulations of the UK