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The details

Preparing your text for submission

Our designers need a 'clean' script to work with.  Read more

  1. Make sure your text is copy-edited. It is expensive to change text later.

  2. Gather all the documents into one file.

  3. Give the file a clear name, ideally the title of the book.

  4. Check below as there are a number of other files you might need to incorporate.

Press coverage

Writing a good press release for your book

Your job does not end when you sign the contract or you sign off the proofs for your book. Big publishers expect authors to become partners in the promotion and marketing of their books. Smaller independents and self-publishing require you to take most of the responsibility for the sales success of your own book.  Read more

Self-Publishers' estimator

Estimating what your costs are likely to be

Preparation costs

We have put together four different charts to allow you to estimate the costs of self-publishing with Writers Services Self-publishing:  Read more

Page estimator

This is one of two page estimators. The other page estimator.

Also helpful is Cost estimating.

The page count is important as it affects the design cost and also setup and print production costs.  Read more


Self-publishing and vanity publishing

There are many reasons for publishing your own work

  • You want a fixed number of copies of a family memoir or perhaps your work on local history
  • You are confident you can sell the quantity you print
  • You haven't time to hang around waiting for a publisher

What, or who, is a publisher?  Read more

Book design

Estimate the cost to set up your book

   Read more

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