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Book design

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Estimate the cost to set up your book


To use the setup estimator graph, work out the number of pages for your book. To find the design costs, find the number of pages on the horizontal axis, then read the cost on the vertical axis. The cost is related to the numberof pages rather than the size of the page.

The estimate shows the approximate costs of designing a book and cover ready for publication. This is what it is likely to cost when you talk to a designer.

  • Design, including realising your cover design

  • The major cost is the design and layout of the book.

  • If you do the layout we can scan it or, better still, take your files.


Unit cost estimator

Cost estimating

Design estimate

Remember, this is an estimate.

The following can add to the costs:

  • If your book has pages of pictures, tables or illustrations it could add up to £5 each to manipulate them, but it depends on how you send them to us

  • If you have your own cover artwork it will reduce the cost.

We can fix the cost once we know how many pages the book will have, so we need to do the design first. See how a project flows.


If your book is out of print, we can remake your book by scanning it. We have managed to insert new chapters into previous editions.

Scanning can save a money because you do not need to have the text re-designed. However, you must get permission to use the original design.

Every attempt has been made to convey accurate information. However, we reserve the right to amend the prices. Please contact us if you want to check the costs. The prices include appropriate UK taxes.