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Some sample costs

WritersServices Self-publishing

WritersServices Self-publishing is designed to deliver a quality package to writers
  • Every book is unique, so we do not have standard packages or templates to which you have to conform.
  • Each book is designed, working with you, your target market and the contents in mind. (You can design your own)
  • As our system delivers books to the bookshops, we want to ensure that your book gets into the hands of readers, it look good.

But, three examples of costing:

  • A 244 page paperback novel
  • The total cost of designing and publishing 100 copies would be about £600. After that copies would cost about £4.
  • Assuming a price of £7.99 and normal  margins, you would break even after 375 sales through retail outlets. However you would need to sell only 160 copies yourself at book signings to move into profit.

  • A 64 page paperback of poetry, short stories or a novel for young adults.
  • The total cost of publishing would be about £480.
  • 200 copies would cost about £500 delivered to your door.
  • You would need to sell only 140 copies of your book direct to readers to move into profit. Assuming a price of around £6.99 and standard retail margins, you would break even after 230 copies if you left it to Amazon to sell your book.

  • A 244 page hardback with dust jacket, such as a family history for private distribution.
  • The total cost of publishing and printing 50 copies would be about £1000.
  • Extra copies could be ordered for about £8 each.

Please note:

  • The estimate includes all the costs to produce a published book. The major cost is the typesetting and layout of the book plus the cover design.
  • The estimate also includes the cost of registering your book with wholesalers and web retailers. So, once published, the book would be available worldwide through normal and online bookshops unless you opted for private distribution.
  • Because we have arrangements to sell your work worldwide you might be in for a pleasant surprise when you discover your international sales.
  • You can also order copies, with no minimum order, directly through WritersServices Self-publishing at a price agreed with you.

WritersServices Self-publishing is about delivering your book to those who will appreciate it. We provide a quality product, linked into the book distribution system at realistic prices.

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Does your book deserve the attentions of a professional  copy editor?

Writers Services offers a full range of editorial services.

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You are off to a very good marketing start with WPS as we link all our titles into Amazon and several of the biggest book distributors so your book can be ordered, delivered and the money collected worldwide.

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