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Page sizes

What's the best page size for your book?

You might think that the bigger the page, the more words you can fit onto it. The bigger the pages, the thinner the book, so the less it costs to produce.

The truth is rather different. An analysis of 50 books covering the various standard book sizes, shows that the size of the page has only a small influence on a book's final page count.  Read more

Some sample costs

WritersServices Self-publishing is designed to deliver a quality package to writers
  • Every book is unique, so we do not have standard packages or templates to which you have to conform.
  • Each book is designed, working with you, your target market and the contents in mind.
  Read more

Book unit cost

Estimating unit book-cost for your selected format

Estimate the number of pages, then look at the vertical axis and see the approximate cost of the books.  Most paperbacks cost between 2.5 & 4.2 pounds each.

graph of unit book cost against page count  Read more

Self-Publishers' estimator

Estimating what your costs are likely to be

Preparation costs

We have put together four different charts to allow you to estimate the costs of self-publishing with Writers Services Self-publishing:  Read more

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