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WritersServices Self-publishing

WritersServices Self-publishing

WritersServices Self-publishing delivers your book to readers

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The complete solution for self-publishers How much will it cost? How long will it take? & How much might you earn!

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WritersServices Self-publishing Guide

Editorial services for self-publishers

The site is packed with help and advice for writers who want to self- publish

Getting ready

Some guidelines for preparing your manuscript


You need to start thinking about some of the detail


The first step is to prepare your book for publication

Apply your creative energy to briefing us on what you want


WritersServices Self-publishing designers work with you to put your book together

We do the work while you plan your sales campaign


Your manuscript becomes a book

The ebook opens challenges and oppostunities


A series of pieces about preparing, converting and publishing your ebook

We don't just print your book and then forget you

Print and supply


Sales and collecting your revenue:


All part of the Printshop service!


You might be pleasantly surprised at the low cost

How to order 

Get a free estimate from us

We use the web to help but selling the book can mean hard work

Marketing your book

Understanding the marketplace and reaching your target audience

Our bookstall

The new technology and how it has transformed self-publishing

Just thinking about it?

Investigate the options


Do your own research to find the best route for you

The marketplace


Get to know the marketplace - find a way to get published

Publishing is about a lot more than just printing. Writers Services Self-publishing makes sure your work can find its way to readers through the bookshops and online retailers.

You do not have to be an expert to publish your own work. We provide access to the full range of publishing expertise.



Does your book deserve the attentions of a professional  copy editor?

Writers Services offers a full range of editorial services.

Glossary & Acronyms

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  1. Work out the design and set up cost
  2. Unit cost business & marketing plans
  3. Book order form and payment page

You are off to a very good marketing start with WPS as we link all our titles into Amazon and several of the biggest book distributors so your book can be ordered, delivered and the money collected worldwide.

Choose WPS as your publishing partner.

We operate from the UK and under the financial rules and regulations of the UK