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Advantages of Print on Demand

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The economics of POD

  • With POD you do not have to gamble your savings in the hope that your book will be a bestseller
  • There is no need to store books at home
  • Nor do you have to handle orders directly
  • Finally, you don't have to collect the money from the supply chain for the copies that are sold  

A publishing house normally does all of this, which is how it earns its share of the book price.

As a self-publisher, you still have all the pre-production costs but once the book is set up for POD you receive more of the income from each copy sold.

WritersServices Self-publishing has developed a system to integrate your book into the normal bookselling chain. Once it is set up in the Print on Demand system, it can be ordered from bookshops or from an online bookstore in exactly the same way as any other book. This means it can be sent anywhere in the world.

A POD book is identical to any other book.

  • Thanks to recent technical developments, the quality of the printing, the paper and the binding are indistinguishable from a book printed in the traditional manner as part of a batch.
  • An increasing number of large publishers use the POD process to keep their backlist in print, so the bookshops are already full of material that has been printed to order using POD machines.  

There are some drawbacks.

  • It still costs more to make a book as a one-off (but you save on storage, money tied up in stock, distribution and handling – and most estimates suggest that nearly 40% of mass-produced books are pulped).
  • If you want something unusual, such as a pop-up book, then Print on Demand will not yet be able to oblige.  

The economics of POD

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