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How to pack up your manuscript
When you decide to send your work to us for one of the Services, this is what you need to do:
  1. Please send files to us in RTF (Rich Text Format) or Word, as we may otherwise have difficulty in opening them.
  2. If you have prepared your book with separate files for each chapter, you now need to gather them into one big file. Open a new file and import each chapter in turn.
  3. Having gathered all the files into one large file, include the introduction and other preliminary information.
  4. Make sure you are sending the most up-to-date versions of your file!
  5. Remove all the formatting such as page numbers. You can tell the designer what you want in the design brief.
  6. Check that the chapter titles you have used in the text match those in your list of chapters.
  7. If you are sending your work for copy editing or will be including any pictures, check the instructions on the right.
  8. You can now send the files. It makes a lot of sense to zip them first, as this makes them quicker and easier to send and you have a compact archive.
Two other things to check: 
  • If you are sending your manuscript for copy editing, it's a good idea to send any
    • dedication,
    • list of contents,
    • picture list,
    • preface,
    • biography,
    • acknowledgements or
    • other material to go in the prelim pages,

    so that the copy editor can make sure that these are all in order.

  • If you are sending any diagrams, pictures or illustrations, you need to give these a logical, sequential file-name such as figure 1, 2, 3 etc. Mark the place where the illustration should go in the text by inserting the file-name and the caption and leaving a lot of space to make it easy for editors to find where they go.


Does your book deserve the attentions of a professional  copy editor?

Writers Services offers a full range of editorial services.

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