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Synopsis-writing story

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Synopsis writing fictionalised story

Danny had been working on his crime novel for three years before he felt ready to send it off to agents. His job on the Sydney Morning Herald didn't leave much time for writing and his wife Jenny's even more demanding corporate job meant that they both had to pitch in at weekends to look after their eight-year-old twin sons. Danny enjoyed his time with the boys, but sometimes he was just itching to get back to the writing, to finish the chapter he'd started early that morning.

The novel had been in gestation for longer than three years, as Danny had been covering his newspaper's crime beat for six years. A fan of gritty American crime novels, he had written his own book in the same idiom and was dying to see it in print.

The writing had been hard but productive work. Danny's problems started when he tried to prepare his submission package and got completely stuck on the synopsis. Surely it should be easy enough for a journalist like him to condense the plot of his novel into a synopsis? But because he was so close to the story he actually found it extraordinarily hard to do.

Danny was feeling a sense of despair when it occurred to him that he could commission someone else to write his synopsis for him. A quick search of the Internet brought him to WritersServices Synopsis-writing service. He paid up and went ahead, and soon he was the proud owner of a synopsis which made his novel sound really good. Submissions followed and he was delighted to be taken on by an agent who was pretty confident about selling his work.

WritersServices’ Synopsis writing service is just what you need if you're finding it difficult to come up with your own synopsis, something which can be hard to do because you're too close to your own writing. A good synopsis is an essential part of your submission package.

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