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WritersServices Self-publishing

Because our designers have to undertake a substantial amount of work to prepare the designs, we ask that half the fee is paid before we start work and half once you have approved the design and cover. 

This is what is included in the estimate: Cost estimating

Book design & typesetting

  • The designer will take your book briefcover design brief and text files to produce some ideas.  You will normally receive a copy of the title page, a new chapter page and a standard page, together with a cover rough. Once the contract is agreed, and the final part of the fee paid, the digital files are prepared for our POD printer.

Cover design:

  • A well-designed, informative cover is a good investment. You will need to provide a brief and the designer will send some roughs before the designs are finalised.

ISBN registration:

  • We obtain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for your book. 

Bar code generation:

  • We generate the number and the artwork for your cover. WritersServices Self Publishing holds blocks of numbers and a log book and can offer a speedy, low-cost registration. You can also register in your own right if you plan to publish lots of titles.


  • If you have opted for Self-publishing we register your book with the bibliographic authorities and deposit the copyright copies with the British Library. This is known as legal deposit. 

Digital set-up and file storage for POD:

  • This is the cost connected with creating the files so that your book can be printed on demand. There is then an annual fee payable to keep the title in our catalogue.

Copies of your book

  • Copies are sent by us to the legal deposit libraries
  • You can order copies of your book once it is published.

Creating a publisher's account

  • The quote for the service also includes the cost of collecting your remuneration for copies sold and remitting it on to you. We deal with issues of damaged or returned books in accordance with our contract with you.

Because each person is unique we do not offer a single 'package'. However, our system is simple and transparent. We can very quickly work out the costs for the precise service you need. You can check how much it might cost and what you might earn.

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Does your book deserve the attentions of a professional  copy editor?

Writers Services offers a full range of editorial services.

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