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Project workflow

WritersServices Self-publishing

The Project Workflow





WritersServices Self-publishing

Complete book, copy edit, take decisions about the foreword, cover copy etc. It is expensive to make any changes after this stage, so do your preparation now.   Take advantage of our many services for writers to prepare your work for publication. If you wish, you can also ask for our design guidelines.
Get an estimate for the design and printing service.

Prepare your briefs for the book and the cover design and send all of the material electronically or by post along with half the fee.

The design team consults and produces the text and cover roughs. Our office prepares a contract and confirms the estimate based on what you require.
Check the designs and study the contract. Return the contract with the first half of your payment and any comments on the design roughs.
    Detailed designs are completed and returned to you to approve.
You sign off the book, approving the samples and making the final payment. Your book is now ready for proofing.
The file of your book is submitted to the printer for proofing.  The results are carefully checked before a proof is sent to you.
You receive the proof copy. If you are adding an index, it is prepared and added at this stage. You give your final approval for publication.
The initial order for copies  for Legal Deposit and the author's copies are printed and sent. The web pages are prepared and published inside our Writers' pages. Meanwhile we send copies of your book to the various legal deposit libraries in the UK.
Agreed number of copies delivered. Time to start marketing and working on your own promotional activities.




Your book is now supplied in response to orders from you, the book trade and the public. Payments are collected and you receive a statement each month with a payment if the amount exceeds £50 (or annually). Your book may also be printed using POD in the US to reduce the cost of delivering it around the world. Our self-publishing service is available globally.


Does your book deserve the attentions of a professional  copy editor?

Writers Services offers a full range of editorial services.

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You are off to a very good marketing start with WPS as we link all our titles into Amazon and several of the biggest book distributors so your book can be ordered, delivered and the money collected worldwide.

Choose WPS as your publishing partner.

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