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Glossary beginning with T

Glossary terms

--The Bologna Children's Book Fairsearch for term
The Bologna Children's Book Fair or La fiera del libro per ragazzi is the leading professional fair for children's books in the world.
--Top Hat Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Historical fiction that lives. We publish fiction that captures the contrasts, the achievements, the optimism and the radicalism of ordinary and extraordinary times across the world.See also: John Hunt Publishing
--The Information (formerly Data Protection) Commissioner search for term

The DPR is a public register of data controllers. Each entry in the register includes the name and address of the data controller. Individuals can consult the register to find out what processing of personal data is being carried out by a particular data controller. Notification is the process by which a data controller's details are added to the register. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires everybody processing personal data to notify unless they are exempt.

--The Metropolitan Policesearch for term

The UK's senior police force based in New Scotland Yard.

Tangled Web UKsearch for term

Extraordinarily complete listing of all new books published in the UK in the genres of crime, mystery, horror and fantasy, together with descriptions of the books, author profiles and lists of titles.

A joy for any fan.

Tanja Howarth Literary Agencysearch for term

Full-length MSS. General fiction and non-fiction, thrillers, contemporary and historical novels.

No unsolicited MSS, and no submissions by email.

Specialists in handling German translation rights. Represented in the USA by various agents.

Tassy Barham Associatessearch for term
Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED)search for term
Online community of several million focusing on exchanging and spreading ideas from some of the world's greatest thinkers and doers. For instance there is a video clip of Amy Tan talking about her writing
Teen Inksearch for term

An online American teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing and art, and supported by a non-profit organisation. Much encouragement and lots of samples of teen writing.

Teresa Chris Literary Agency Ltdsearch for term

All fiction, especially crime, women's commercial, general and literary fiction; all non-fiction, especially biography, history, health, cooking, arts and crafts.

No science fiction, horror, fantasy, short stories, poetry, academic books.

No reading fee. Send introductory letter describing work, first 3 chapters and sae.

Representation in all overseas territories.

Synonyms: Teresa Chris Literary Agency
TextArcsearch for term

Intriguing approach to text which uses 2,000 books from Project Gutenberg to discover patterns and concepts in text though the relationship and frequency of words, creating a visual representation of a text on a single page.

The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agencysearch for term
The Academy of American Poetssearch for term
A poetry book club founded in 1934 to support American poets and foster an appreciation of poetry.
The African Review of Bookssearch for term

Ambitious and impressive new site which sets out to be a 'place in which the books, literature and scholarship of Africa can be discussed and debated'. For a general readership, mostly reviews and book sales, but also deals with many issues relating to writers and publishing in Africa.

The Agency (London) Ltdsearch for term
Founded in 1995 they represent screenwriters, directors, playwrights, composers, and children's authors & illustrators. Also film and TV rights in novels and non-fiction. Adult novels represented only for existing clients. Also handle dramatic rights for a number of authors, working in association with the literary agencies Rogers, Coleridge & White, Luigi Bonomi Associates, Faith Evans, Gregory & Company, David Grossman, A.M.Heath, Lutyens & Rubinstein, and Lavinia Trevor.Synonyms: The Agency
The Airey Neave Trust Fellowshipssearch for term

PO Box 36800, 40 Bernard Street, London WC1N 1WJ

Phone 020 7833 4440

Contact: Hannah Scott

Initiated 1989. Annual research fellowships for up to three years -- towards a book or paper -- for serious research connected with national and international law, and human freedom. Preferably attached to a particular university in Britain.


The Altiessearch for term

Alternet's awards for the best alternative movies of the year, chosen through an online poll. See our page or go to

The Ampersand Agency Ltdsearch for term

Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction. Contemporary and historical novels, crime, thrillers, women's fiction, memoirs, history and biography. No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Send a letter and the first couple of chapters, plus a brief outline and biographical details.
  • Happy to receive enquiries via email, but submissions should be sent in hard copy by ordinary mail. They should be printed on one side of the paper, with a minimum font size of 11 point and 1.5 line spacing. All pages should be numbered.
  • Does not normally acknowledge receipt or offer advice on rejected material, nor will they respond unless you include an email address or an envelope with stamps that can be used in the UK.


  • home 12.5%-15%,
  • USA 15%-20%,
  • translation 20%

Enquiries by email, submissions in hard copy by ordinary mail.

Founded 2003.

Synonyms: The Ampersand Agency
The Argotist Onlinesearch for term

Online version of the now defunct magazine, but devoted entirely to poetry and poetics. There's plenty of poetry and some interesting articles and interviews.

The Art of Narrativesearch for term
The Arts Council of Englandsearch for term

Through its Literature Department, the Arts Council of England provides writers awards for authors who have had at least one book published and support for translation schemes, publishing and education.

Their Live Literature Network this has a Live Events listing section. If you become a member, you can add your own event. Live Literature Network is 'a blanket term for a whole structure of support of a diverse and evolving nature, aimed at all areas of the literature business'. Their Latest News page provides updates on the world of literature - You will be asked to log in but persist!

The body representing the 10 Regional Arts Boards, which restructured in 2001 to create a single arts funding and development agency for the whole of England with the aim of providing a simpler and quicker system which is more responsive and effective. Their website ( also provides a ‘Community’, in the form of email lists which can be used to contact others working in the same field. The 10 Regional Arts Boards provide support for writers living in their region, so if you're looking for bursaries and grants look first at their sites.

To discover what is going on in your region: and pick your region.

The Arts Council of Walessearch for term

Supports literary magazines and provides writers’ bursaries, with particular support for children’s literature.

The Authors' Contingency Fundsearch for term

The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB

Phone 020 7373 6642

Fax 020 7373 5768

This fund makes modest grants to published authors who find themselves in sudden financial difficulties. Contact the Society of Authors for an information sheet and application form.


The Authors' Foundation Grantssearch for term

The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB

Phone 020 7373 6642

Fax 020 7373 5768

Grants to writers whose publisher's advance is insufficient to cover the costs of research involved. Application by letter to The Authors' Foundation giving details, in confidence, of the advance and royalties, together with the reasons for needing additional funding. Grants are sometimes given even if there is no commitment by a publisher, so long as the applicant has had a book published and the new work will almost certainly be published. About £80,000 is distributed each year. Contact the Society of Authors for full entry details. Final entry dates: 30 April and 31 October.


The Authors’ Guildsearch for term

The organisation representing American writers. As well as contract negotiation tips, this runs a news comment service and a popular column, Along Publishers Row and has recently added health insurance and customised websites for its author members.

The Axelrod Agencysearch for term

Founded 1983. Fiction and non-fiction, film and TV rights.

Works with overseas agents. No reading fee.

The Balkin Agency for term

Query first. May suggest revision. No reading fee.

Synonyms: The Balkin Agency
The Bell Lomax Moreton Agencysearch for term

Founded in 2000 by Eddie & June Bell, Pat Lomax and Paul Moreton.

The Bell Lomax Agency is based in London.

It handles quality fiction and non-fiction, biography, children's, business and sport.

The Betty Trask Awardssearch for term

Award £25,000 (total). 

The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB

Phone 020 7373 6642

Fax 020 7373 5768

These annual awards are for authors who are under 35 and Commonwealth citizens, awarded on the strength of a first novel (published or unpublished) of a traditional or romantic nature. The awards must be used for a period or periods of foreign travel. Final entry date: 31 January. Contact the Society of Authors for an entry form. 2002 winners: Hari Kunzru The Impressionist; Rachel Seiffert The Dark Room; Shamin Sarif The World Unseen; Helen Cross My Summer of Love; Chloe Hooper A Child's Book of True Crime; Susanna Jones The Earthquake Bird; Gwendoline Riley Cold Water.


The Biography Clubsearch for term

A newly-launched venture for book lovers and budding writers which specialises in biographies. The website features new book releases, news reports from the world of biographies, interviews, a chatroom, online seminars and advice pieces from authors, but you have to register (for free) to join in.

The Bodley Headsearch for term
Random House imprintSee also: Random House Children's Books, Random House UK
The Book Bureau Literary Agencysearch for term
The Book Group Listsearch for term

Yahoo's own attempt at a reading group list, with connections to 1,000 online groups.

The Book Zoosearch for term

Free community site which helps give exposure to self-published and unpublished authors, financed through sponsors' money. Unpublished and self-published authors may submit the first 3,000 words of their book for the site's decision on publishing the whole online.

The British Association of Picture Librariessearch for term

This is a good place to start. This helpful site has a useful page on Using a Picture Library, explaining the fee structure and how the system works. It also has a brief summary of copyright and a key section for photographers and artists on how to handle their work.

The Chudney Agencysearch for term
The Economist/Richard Casement Internshipsearch for term

Award £25,000 (total). 

The Economist, 25 St James's Street, London SW1A 1HG

Phone 020 7830 7000

Contact: Science Editor (re. Casement Internship)

For an aspiring journalist under 25 to spend three months in the summer writing for The Economist about science and technology. Applicants should write a letter of introduction along with an article of approximately 600 words suitable for inclusion in the Science and Technology Section. Competition details normally announced in the magazine late January or early February and 4--5 weeks allowed for application.


The Electric Book Companysearch for term

Offers many free classics downloadable on Adobe Acrobat, partly from Project Gutenberg, and also e-books on CD for hardback prices from authors including Austen, Darwin, Gibbon and Chomsky. Designed like book pages and fully searchable, so useful for students.

The English Agency (Japan) Ltdsearch for term
The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agencysearch for term

Commercial fiction: Non-fiction:

  • thrillers,
  • mysteries,
  • children's,
  • romance,
  • women's,
  • ethnic,
  • science fiction,
  • fantasy and
  • general fiction;

    current affairs, health, science, psychology, cookbooks, new age, spirituality, pop-culture, adventure, true crime, biography and memoir.

also literary fiction with a strong narrative.

No scholarly works, poetry, short stories or screenplays.

The Evan Marshall Agencysearch for term

Founded 1987. General fiction.

Accepting new clients by professional referral only.

The Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publisherssearch for term

Umbrella for British federation of writers' groups committed to writing and publishing based on working-class experience. Provides training and support for a range of community-based writers' workshops and publishing activities.

The Firmsearch for term

Fiction and non-fiction, plays, film.

TV rights, performance rights.

The Fortean Timessearch for term

A legend in its own, Fortean times. You might also be interested in the Skeptics magazine.

The Fox Chase Agency for term

No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee.

Founded 1972.

The Gallery Presssearch for term

Established in 1970 to publish poems by new Irish writers, The Gallery Press has long been recognized as the standard bearer of Irish literary publishing. It has been our privilege to publish more than four hundred titles which show off the finest writing by established and emerging authors. Our titles have won praise and prizes for their content and design. It is our aim where possible to use Irish art on what has become the ‘distinctive look’ of our cover designs.

Based in Loughcrew, Oldcastle, County Meath in the Irish midlands The Gallery Press occupies a unique position in contemporary publishing – it is a ‘small press’ with a national and international reputation.

The founder and editor is Peter Fallon.

The Good Book Guidesearch for term

High quality subscription-only UK-based international book service which carries a wide range of recommended and reviewed titles.

The Greenhouse Literary Agencysearch for term
The Guardian Research Fellowshipsearch for term

Nuffield College, Oxford OX1 1NF

Phone 01865 288540

Fax 01865 278676

Contact: The Academic Administrator

One-year fellowship endowed by the Scott Trust, owner of The Guardian, to give someone working in the media the chance to put their experience into a new perspective, publish the outcome and give a Guardian lecture. Applications welcomed from journalists and management members, in newspapers, periodicals or broadcasting. Research or study proposals should be directly related to experience of working in the media. Accommodation and meals in college will be provided and a stipend. Advertised biennially in November.


The Hanbury Agencysearch for term

Personally run agency specialising in quality fiction and non-fiction.

Does not represent film scripts, plays, poetry, fantasy, horror or DIY.

If your material does not fit in to one of the categories above please send a letter of introduction together with a brief synopsis and the first chapter (or opening 25 pages).

Please note that unsolicited email submissions will not be considered. Guidelines

Authors include George Alagiah, J.G. Ballard, Simon Callow, Jane Glover, Judith Lennox, Katie Price.

The Helen Brann Agency for term
Synonyms: The Helen Brann Agency
The Hong Kong Writers' Circlesearch for term

Lively and attractive site for active group which runs a magazine and newsletter, as well as courses for writers.

The Internet, a Writer's Guidesearch for term

Online version of Jane Dorner's excellent book (available from WritersBookstall), with much useful advice and over a thousand links.

The Jeff Herman Agency LLCsearch for term

Business, reference, popular psychology, technology, health, spirituality, general non-fiction.

Founded 1986.

Submission guidelines

The John Masefield Memorial Trustsearch for term

The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB

Phone 020 7373 6642

Fax 020 7373 5768

This trust makes occasional grants to professional poets (or their immediate dependants) who are faced with sudden financial problems. Contact the Society of Authors for an information sheet and application form.


The Joy Harris Literary Agency for term

Represents a wide-range of fiction and non-fiction.

We enjoy good writing, regardless of genre, but are especially interested in literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, and quality young-adult literature.

The K. Blundell Trustsearch for term

The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB

Phone 020 7373 6642

Fax 020 7373 5768

Grants to writers whose publisher's advance is insufficient to cover the costs of research. Author must be under 40, has to submit a copy of his/her previous book and the work must `contribute to the greater understanding of existing social and economic organisation'. Application by letter. Contact the Society of Authors for full entry details. Final entry dates: 30 April and 31 October.


The Kirchoff/Wohlberg Literary Agencysearch for term
The Land of Grimeysearch for term
A fantastic site for writers and artists. You can add your poems, stories and pictures or create a character and contribute to the ongoing story which a number of people are writing.
The Lazear Agency for term

Founded 1984.

Adult fiction and non-fiction; film and TV rights; foreign language rights; audio, video and electronic rights.

No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS; 2-3pp query first with sase for response. No faxed queries.

The Leo Media & Entertainment Groupsearch for term
  • General Fiction,
  • Historical, science fiction, children's,
  • Film scripts, TV series and documentary ideas.

When submitting a project to for review, please e-mail to in the first instance, with the subject line "ATTN SUBMISSIONS": including the following information and documentation:

  • A detailed synopsis, together with (in the case of a book project) the first three chapters of the relevant manuscript in one Word document;
  • A full CV/resume, including personal and professional background;
  • Any attachments to the project in place (for example actors, directors or finance);
  • Information about any producers or literary agencies who have reviewed, or are currently reviewing, the project in question, together with any feedback that might have been received to date.

Legal services can be provided in conjunction with Fuglers Solicitors LLP.

The Lescher Agency for term

Fiction and non-fiction.

The Library Associationsearch for term

The UK professional body for librarians and information managers

The Lilliput Press Ltdsearch for term

The Lilliput Press was founded in 1984 by Antony Farrell in County Westmeath. Jonathan Swift spent his summers in a house nearby, and derived the name Lilliput from a local townland. The office was moved to its present locale in Arbour Hill, north Dublin, in 1989. Some 400 titles have appeared under its imprint; these encompass art and architecture, autobiography and memoir, biography and history, ecology and environmentalism, essays and literary criticism, philosophy, current affairs and popular culture, fiction, drama and poetry, all broadly focused on Irish themes.

The Lindsay Literary Agencysearch for term

Literary fiction, serious non-fiction, children's.

No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

Founded 2005.

The Lisa Richards Agencysearch for term
The Lisa Richards Agency was founded in 1989 by Lisa and Richard Cook.

Originally established as a theatrical agency, Lisa Richards now provides representation for actors, comedians, voice-over artists, authors & playwrights, directors, designers and presenters

The company employs a staff of 12 people across the different departments. Based in Dublin’s city center, Lisa Richards has been at the heart of the Irish arts and entertainment industry for over fifteen years and represents some of the finest creative talent in Ireland.

Handles fiction and general non-fiction. Approach with proposal and sample chapter for non-fiction and 3-4 chapters and synopsis for fiction (sae essential).

No reading fee. Overseas associate The Marsh Agency for translation rights. Fiction and non-fiction, but represents these for film/TV rights as well.

Also represents actors and playwrights.

See also: The Marsh Agency Ltd Synonyms: Lisa Richards Agency
The Literary Encyclopediasearch for term

Highly impressive academic site which offers profiles of the life and works of literary authors, plus philosophers and musicians. Contributors include more than 1,000 distinguished scholars from across the English-speaking world. 'State of the art' entries amount to 5 million words and attract 200,000 visitors a month.

The Lost Clubsearch for term

If you pine for Baron Corvo, Frances Brett Young or Richmal Crompton, this site will put you in touch with other like-minded readers and enable you to help rediscover lost authors.

The Marsden Archivesearch for term
Featuring Simon Marsden's atmospheric photos, this is the place to go if you want Sinister Villages and Decaying Cottages or Eerie Lakes and Cruel Seas.
The Marsh Agency Ltdsearch for term

Book-length MSS; general but with special experience in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, history and education (20% worldwide including sub-agents' commission).

No fiction, articles or short stories except for existing clients. No children's books.

In order to consider your work they require the following material:

  • A covering letter a brief letter with your contact details and any relevant information, including any previously published work and any experience which relates to the book's subject matter.
  • A short synopsis. Fiction: outline the plot and main characters. Non-Fiction: a summary of the work and chapter outlines
  • Three consecutive chapters/ no more than 100 pages,
    • this should be double spaced with all pages numbered
    • Please put your name, address and contact number on the front of your manuscript
    • Please ensure that your name and the title of your work appear on all pages
  • Your CV

If you would rather submit by post, please state how you would like to receive your response (by email or post). If you would like a postal reply please include a small stamped addressed envelope or a large correctly stamped envelope if you would like your work returned. Please only send a copy of your work and not the original as items do go missing in the post.

Founded 1994.

See also: The Lisa Richards Agency Synonyms: The Marsh Agency
The Marton Agency for term

Stage plays and musicals.

Principally foreign language licensing.

Association of Authors' Representatives

The McKernan Literary Agency & Consultancysearch for term

The agency was founded in 2006 by the former Orion editor Maggie McKernan and is based in Edinburgh and London. Works in association with the Capel & Land agency in London which handles translation, US, film and TV sales.

They are not considering submissions in the following genres: romance, paranormal, short stories, poetry, misery memoir, chick lit, reference or self-help. Also does not represent original scripts for television, film, radio or theatre, although Capel & Land handle film, tv and radio rights on our behalf for clients whom we represent.

Submit work via contacts page on agent's website.

Authors include Michael Collins, Alan Taylor, Belinda Seaward, Michael Fry, Michael Schmidt.

The Mystery Readersearch for term

Site for mystery readers, featuring interviews, news and reviews, rated from 'outstanding' to 'don't bother'.

The New Writersearch for term
This well-regarded magazine comes out six times a year and publishes the best in fact, fiction and poetry, including top stories from the Fish Prize and Real Writers annual competitions. Runs annual Prose and Poetry prizes, including short stories, novellas and essays, material to be submitted by end November. The magazine is towards the more literary end of the spectrum, but offers more publishing opportunities and market information for subscribers than other UK-based creative writing magazines.
The Oleander Presssearch for term

The Parisian Agencysearch for term
The Personal Computer or PCsearch for term

The mighty IBM was a latecomer to the personal computer. However, their rather clunky design was taken as the standard and launched the PC industry. Unlike the Mac, no manufacturer controls the standard but here are some useful sites. Market forces have been remarkably effective at producing standards. Hundreds of companies produce the various assemblies that make up your computer.

If you want to learn a bit about the history and some useful links.

A useful page to investigate the various component parts of a computer.

The Play Bureau- Mail Order Theatre Bookstoresearch for term

For over forty years Play Bureau NZ Ltd have been privileged to represent a number of the major publishing houses of the world and, in that time, have on their behalf distributed and licensed to customers within New Zealand some of the finest and most successful plays that are available anywhere.

Our mail order Bookstore houses play scripts, musicals and theatre books by authors of international acclaim, together with a selection of works by individual New Zealand and Australian writers. The extensive range of titles on offer covers a wide variety of interest groups from Primary School and College through to Repertory and Musical Theatre level and we are proud of our listings and proud of our reputation for good service.


The Playwrights Publishing Company search for term

The Playwrights Publishing Company was formed in 1990 and based in Nottingham, UK.

Our aim is to bring together talented new playwrights with amateur and professional theatre groups looking for new scripts to perform.

We receive plays from around the world, choose the best and upload half onto the net.

If you want to buy the second half of any play, you can purchase them on-line or by post and pay for performance royalties when you have decided on dates.

The Poetry Kitsearch for term

Extensive online poetry resource which does not accept material but which offers masses of useful links and information on events, listings and magazines.

The Poetry Societysearch for term
Lively and well-presented UK site supporting poetry with 4,000 members internationally and some thoughtful content.
The Pram in the Hallsearch for term

New site for writers balancing their work with family life, which is really more of a blog - and quite an entertaining one.

The Published Writersearch for term

An American site offering an Internet directory of writers, editors, publishers and literary agents, with everything from poetry to Greeting Card writing (in ten parts!)

The Publishers’ Associationsearch for term

This organisation represents British publishers, but also has some useful general guidelines on Getting Published, which can be viewed on their site.

The Publishing Training Centre at Book Housesearch for term

UK official publishing training centre which also offers well-regarded distance learning courses on proof-reading and editing.

The Readersearch for term
New website launched by magazine for readers which provides readers' reviews, mostly of classics, and reading rooms for online discussions.
The Reading Clubsearch for term

Extremely useful new website with a lot of practical information on how to set up and run a reading group and tips for different reading genres. 50 articles, with more being added each month.

The Rod Hall Agency Ltdsearch for term
The Rod Hall Agency was formed in May 1997 to represent playwrights and screenwriters, writers who also direct, directors and stage and screen rights in selected novels.

Specialises in writers for stage, screen and radio but also deals in TV and film rights in novels and non-fiction and represents writer/directors. Email synopsis and intro in first instance, with a showreel if you are a writer/director.

No reading fee.

Synonyms: Rod Hall Agency, The Rod Hall Agency
The Romance Readersearch for term

Site directed at romance readers which carries interviews and reviews and is frequently updated.

The Royal Literary Fundsearch for term

3 Johnson's Court, off Fleet Street, London EC4A 3EA

Phone 020 7353 7150

Fax 020 7353 1350

Secretary: Eileen Gunn

Grants and pensions are awarded to published authors of several works in financial need, or to their dependants. Examples of author's works are needed for assessment by Committee. Contact Secretary for further details and application form.


The Sayle Literary Agencysearch for term

Fiction: general, literary and crime. Non-fiction: current affairs, social issues, travel, biographies, history.

No plays, poetry, textbooks, children's, technical, legal or medical books.

Submitted work must be double-spaced, single-sided, numbered, typed or word processed with clear contact details. Do not send an SAE as all rejected material is recycled.

Translation rights handled by the Marsh Agency Ltd.

Film and TV rights handled by Sayle Screen Ltd.

Overseas associates Dunow & Carlson Agency, Darhansoff, Verrill and Feldman, Anne Edelstein Literary Agency, New England Publishing Associates, USA.

The Science Factory Ltdsearch for term

Serious popular non-fiction, particularly science, history and current affairs, by academics and journalists; also novels of ideas (home 15%, overseas 20%).

No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

Prefers submission via email. Send a message briefly describing your project specifying what your book is about, what's new, topical or unusual about it, why you decided to write the book, what's special about you as the author, and why your book will stand out once published. Include anything else about yourself or your project that will allow them to make a better decision about your project's publication prospects.

You may also email a proposal and sample chapter if you think these will give a better feel for your work – But please do not submit a completed manuscript or original artwork at this stage.

Email your initial query to In the subject line please include the word 'query' and the name of your project or your name. If you are attaching a file, please name the file with your name.

If you can't send by email, then please post the material to the address given on their Contact page. There's no need to phone first.

Authors include Anil Ananthaswamy, Jim Baggott, David Bainbridge, Piers Bizony, Dennis Bray, Ken Bray, Michael Brooks, Warwick Cairns, Rita Carter, Stuart Clark, Matthew Cobb, Donna Dickenson, Kevin Dutton, Christine Garwood, Simon Ings, Manjit Kumar, J.D. Marchant, Arthur I. Miller, Paul Parsons, Nicholas J. Saunders, P.D. Smith, Ian Stewart, Steve Taylor, Adam Zeman.

Established 2008.

Synonyms: The Science Factory
The Sharland Organisation Ltdsearch for term

Specialises in film, TV, stage and radio rights throughout the world.

Preliminary letter and return postage is essential. No reading fee.

Works in conjunction with overseas agents.

Synonyms: The Sharland Organisation
The Shelley Instone Literary Agencysearch for term
The Sitesearch for term

Useful wide-ranging site one-stop advice and information website where 16-24 year-olds can find support and guidance on a range of issues. It has a useful page for aspiring writers and comments from author Stella Duffy.

The Society of Authorssearch for term
The British authors’ organization, with a membership of over 7,000 writers. Membership is open to those who have had a book published, or who have an offer to publish (without subsidy by the author). Offers individual specialist advice and a range of publications to its members. Has also campaigned successfully on behalf of authors in general for improved terms and established a minimum terms agreement with many publishers. Recently campaigned to get the Public Lending Right fund increased from £5 million to £7 million for the year 2002/2003. Regularly uses input from members to produce comparative surveys of publishers’ royalty payment systems.
The Square Literary Agencysearch for term

A start-up company. Focused upon authors of popular non-fiction. We are primarily searching for submissions of work within the following genres:

  • True crime
  • Misery Lit
  • Interesting lives
  • Spiritualism
  • Book about angle
  • Stories about life-changing pets
  • Historical

Submission should include:

  1. Three sample chapters
  2. Brief biog including previously published works
  3. Chapter by chapter synopsis
  4. Why you think the work will be marketable


The St Marks Agencysearch for term
The Standen Literary Agencysearch for term

Literary and commercial fiction and children's fiction and picture books (home 15%, overseas 20%).

Not accepting any new clients

Interested in new writers. Send first 3 chapters, a synopsis (one side of A4) and a covering letter by post only in first instance (no submissions via email; submit the entire MS of children's stories (500 words and under). Include postage for return of MSS. No reading fee.

Children's fiction for all ages and picture books (home 15%, overseas 20%). Seeking new writers of fiction for 5-8, 9-12 and teen/young adult age groups. Send first 3 chapters and synopsis (one side of A4) with a covering letter by post only in first instance (no submissions via email) and sae. No reading fee.

Also handles literary and commercial fiction for adults. 70% of list is children's writing.

See website for further information.

The Sue Lawrie Literary Agencysearch for term
The Susie Adams Rights Agencysearch for term

Rights consultancy and subsidiary rights agent on behalf of packagers, literary agents and publishers: foreign language and co-edition rights worldwide, UK serial, book club, merchandise and other sub rights.

So no authors.

The Susijn Agency Ltdsearch for term

Specialises in world rights in English- and non-English-language literature: literary fiction and general non-fiction

No self-help, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, sagas, computer, illustrated, business, military, screenplays.
Submission of manuscripts:

Please send a synopsis and two sample chapters only to this address, if sending by post or by e-mail to

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for a reply and include an email address for response. If you would like your material returned please clearly state this on your submission and include a stamped self-addressed envelope.
No reading fee.

Authors include Peter Ackroyd, Bidisha, Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent, Uzma Aslam Khan, Robin Baker, Abdelkader Benali, Robert Craig, Tessa De Loo, Gwynne Dyer, Travis Elborough, Radhika Jha, Kolton Lee, Karen Mcleod, Jeffrey Moore, Karl Shaw, Paul Sussman, Dubravka Ugrešic, Alex Wheatle, Adam Zameenzad.

Founded 1998.

Synonyms: The Susijn Agency
The Tennyson Agencysearch for term

Recently established (2002), specialises in Theatre, Radio, Television and Film scripts, and related material on an ad hoc basis. Maintaining a high-quality client list, we represent and advise both experienced writers and those new to the business.

Does not represent poetry, short stories, science fiction and fantasy or children's writing.

Submission enquiries should include: a full summary of the work you would like us to represent; complete details of your previous publications or productions, if any; and a short author's résumé.  An e-mail address for ease of subsequent contact is welcomed on all correspondence.

No reading fee.

Clients include Vivienne Allen, Tony Bagley, Kristina Bedford, Alastair Cording, Caroline Coxon, Iain Grant, Jonathan Holloway, Philip Hurd-Wood, Joanna Leigh, Steve Macgregor, Antony Mann, Ken Ross, John Ryan, Walter Saunders, Graeme Scarfe, Diane Speakman, Diana Ward and the Estate of Julian Howell.

The Top 10 of Everythingsearch for term

Barnes and Noble's shopping site offers an extraordinarily over-the-top set of over 300 bestseller lists in section entitled What America's Reading.  When checked, 3 out of the History Top 10 were editions of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 5 out of 10 on Relativity were by Albert Einstein and 6 out of 10 on 'Cat Sleuths' were by Lilian Jackson Brown. Quite fascinating.

The Travelling Scholarshipssearch for term

Award £6,000 (total).

The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB

Phone 020 7373 6642

Fax 020 7373 5768

Annual honorary grants to established British writers. 2002 winners: Frank Kuppner, David Park, George Szirtes.


The Vellichor Agencysearch for term
The Victorian Dictionarysearch for term

Lee Jackson's obsessive and fascinating site, packed with his collection of amazing first-hand information about Victorian London - a gift for the researcher.

The view from heresearch for term

A new literary magazine with author interviews, book reviews, original short fiction, cartoons, articles and behind the scenes features, helping authors and poets to feel connected, informed and inspired. Good for help with getting your work out there but their latest tip for getting published – hiding in an editor’s desk – is for laughs only.

The Vocabula Reviewsearch for term

American website dedicated to preserving the English language, which has monthly journal available for small fee.

The Wild East Links Machinesearch for term

Associated with The Hong Kong Writers Circle, this provides links for writers.

The Word Hoardsearch for term

Artists' co-operative in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, which focuses on working together to make art of all kinds. Defines itself as 'both cutting edge and innovative, but not exclusive'.

The Word Poolsearch for term

Site created to increase profile of UK children's books on the Internet. Useful articles on writing for children and free monthly newsletter.

The Writer's Market Guidesearch for term

Ebook sold online providing access to nearly 1500 paying US markets for $10 (around £5). It only lists those which pay a minimum of ten cents (5p) a word, five cents (2.5p) for Fiction.

The Writers Guild of Great Britainsearch for term

The UK writers’ trade union, which has fought to improve conditions for writers and to establish a minimum terms agreement with publishers.

The Wylie Agency (UK) Ltdsearch for term

Founded 1996.

Literary fiction and non-fiction.

No unsolicited MSS and not accepting new material at present (2010).

Synonyms: The Wylie Agency (UK)
TheOnion.comsearch for term

Satirical site commenting on American news. Won the award for the best humour website at the 6th Annual Webby Awards.

Thomas Schlück GmbHsearch for term
Tips for students studying abroadsearch for term

Useful American checklist which gives a starting-point for any student who is considering or planning to study abroad.

Toby Eady Associates Ltdsearch for term

Special interests: China, Middle East, Africa, India. No film/TV scripts or poetry. Founded 1968.

Overseas associates La Nouvelle Agence (France), Jan Michael (Holland), Joanne Wang (China), ICM (USA). Film & TV: ICM.

Best approach is by personal recommendation. Please submit the first fifty pages of your work, double spaced and unbound, along with a brief synopsis and a brief note about yourself to Jamie Coleman at the above address. Include postage for return of material. No email submissions.

Clients include Nada Awar Jarrar, Mark Burnell, John Carey, Chris Cleave, Bernard Cornwell, Rana Dasgupta, Fadia Faqir, Sophie Gee, Samson Kambalu, Susan Lewis, Diane Wei Liang, Julia Lovell, Francesca Marciano, Kanan Makiya, Patrick Marnham, Lawrence Potter, Deborah Scroggins, Samia Serageldin, Rachel Seiffert, Sunny Sahota, John Stubbs, Robert Winder, Fan Wu, Xinran Xue. Estates of Peter Cheyney, Ted Lewis, Mary Wesley, Evie Wyld.

Synonyms: Toby Eady Associates
Tom-Gallon Trustsearch for term

Award £1,000.

The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB

Phone 020 7373 6642

Fax 020 7373 5768

A biennial award made on the basis of a submitted story to fiction writers of limited means who have had at least one short story accepted for publication. Contact the Society of Authors for an entry form. Final entry date 20 September 2004.


Tongue Tiedsearch for term

Translation company with a network of over 6500 highly qualified & experienced translators & interpreters who can work between any world language. They say they provide a fast and accurate service across all subject areas for more than 1000 clients and some of the best known companies & global brands.

Tony Doyle New Writers' Bursarysearch for term

BBC Northern Ireland Drama, Broadcasting House, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast BT2 8HQ

Phone 02890 338497

Fax 02890 338408

Contacts: Diedre Cartmill, Stephen Wright

The aim of the bursary is to encourage Irish writers to write for television -- the medium in which Tony Doyle had his greatest successes. Its aim is to encourage writing for television, to inform writers of the opportunities that television affords and to nurture long-term creative links between all broadcasters and writers in Ireland. Writers must have an Irish background. The writer must not have had a drama in English previously produced for television. Final entry date is usually 31 January each year (opens in October). Previous winners: Bill Murphy (2001), Brian Dungan (2002). The winner receives a cash prize of £2000. The finalists are invited to a residential seminar to introduce them to the world of television drama through a series of intensive sessions with the BBC Drama Development Team and experienced practitioners. Two typed copies should be submitted. Only one entry accepted per person. Entries must be in English. Contact the department and ask for criteria as these may change annually.


Tony Godwin Memorial Trustsearch for term

Award Bursary of approx. US$5,000. 

c/o 38 Lyttelton Court, Lyttelton Road, London N2 0EB

Phone 020 8209 1613

Chairman: Iain Brown

Biennial award established to commemorate the life of Tony Godwin, a prominent publisher in the 1960s/70s. Open to all young people (under 35 years old) who are UK nationals and working, or intending to work, in publishing. The award provides the recipient with the means to spend at least one month as the guest of an American publishing house in order to learn about international publishing. The recipient is expected to submit a report upon return to the UK. Next award: 2004; final entry date: 31 December 2003. Previous winners: George Lucas (Hodder), Clive Priddle (Fourth Estate), Richard Scrivener (Penguin), Lisa Shakespeare (Weidenfeld & Nicolson), Fiona Stewart (HarperCollins).


Tony Peake Associatessearch for term

Not taking on any clients at present but work closely with foreign agents.

Topical Sciencesearch for term

The journal of reference is Nature and it supports an excellent site with news and debate. The New Scientist is the quality, weekly science newspaper.

Total Fiction Servicessearch for term
Tower Poetrysearch for term
Town House Publishing Ltdsearch for term

Transatlantic Literary Agencysearch for term
Transworld Publisherssearch for term
Click for Transworld Publishers Publishers References listingSee also: Random House UK
Trevor Greenfieldsearch for term
author of Introduction to Radical Theology; Publisher of Christian Alternative; serves on the Management Team of John Hunt PublishingSee also: Christian Alternative, John Hunt Publishing
TwelvePoint.comsearch for term

New subscription site for scriptwriters, promising helpful articles from the insiders who founded Scriptwriting magazine and help with the business side of writing scripts and screenplays.

Type Onlinesearch for term

A good basic free tutorial once you understand how to start the exercises.

Typing Softsearch for term

Another typing tutor which also offers an alternative approach, thinking about avoiding repetitive strain injury, which some may find better.

Also has an extensive American.list of freeware and shareware some of which has to be paid for:

Typing Tutorsearch for term

Claims that you can type 10 times faster touch typing than using two fingers. A free trial and then $7 (under £5) for the course, which you can instal on your computer or log into on an online account.

Typing without Repetitive Strain Injurysearch for term

Rob Simpson's practical guide which teaches you how to protect yourself from computer injury and to allow RSI to heal. You can buy the e-book from his site.