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Glossary beginning with D

Glossary terms

Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agencysearch for term
The Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency was founded in 1988 by ex-publisher Darley Anderson and is based in London with a regional office in the book town of Hay-on-Wye on the English/Welsh borders. Member of Association of Authors' Agents.
Darwin Awardssearch for term

If you are not already aware of the Darwin Awards, check out Wendy Northcutt's inspirational contribution to evolutionary theory. If you put this stuff in your books, nobody would believe you!

David Grossman Literary Agency Ltdsearch for term

Founded 1976.

Synonyms: David Grossman Literary Agency
David Higham Associates Ltdsearch for term
Agents for the negotiation of all rights in fiction, general non-fiction, children's fiction and picture books, plays, film and TV scripts (home 15%, USA/translation 20%, scripts 10%). Represented in all foreign markets. Preliminary letter and return postage. All adult submissions should be typed with double line spacing on one side only of A4 paper and pages should be numbered. Be sure to include a covering letter; a full plot synopsis of the proposed book; the first two or three chapters of the book; a CV and a stamped addressed envelope. Founded 1935Synonyms: David Higham Associates, Murray Pollinger
David O'Leary Literary Agencysearch for term

Founded 1988.

David T.K. Wong Fellowshipsearch for term

Award £25,000.

School of English and American Studies, University of East Anglia, University Plain, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7TJ

Phone 01603 592810

Fax 01603 507728

Contact: Val Striker

Founded 1998. An annual endowment to enable a writer of promise to spend a year at the University writing a work of fiction on some aspect of life in the Far East. Judged on the basis of submitted written work, the award is open to all nationalities. Final entry date: 31 October. 2003 winner: Wendy Law-Yone.


Deborah Owen Ltdsearch for term

No new authors. Founded 1971. Small agency now specialising in three authors: Delia Smith, Amos Oz and David Owen.

Synonyms: Deborah Owen
Deep Underground Poetry Communitysearch for term

You can join this poetry community which invites you to read and publish edgy, dark and dirty poems. Not for everyone, but certainly rather challenging.

DeFiore and Companysearch for term

Founded 1999.

  • African-American literature
  • Christian literature
  • Historical fiction
  • Poetry
  • Puzzles, Games
  • History
  • Pop culture, Entertainment
  • Professional, Reference
  • Science, Technology
  • Send queries . . .
    Accepting email queries
    Accepting queries by post
    Email queries to . . .

DGA Ltdsearch for term

DGA is a small agency, representing a range of non-fiction and literary fiction. Does not represent any reference, science fiction, fantasy, self-help, teen or children’s books, poetry or collections of short stories.

Send in the first three chapters of your work (or about 50 pages) with a brief synopsis and covering letter. If you would like your manuscript returned, please include the correct postage and packaging. If you would prefer a response from the agency via email then just provide your email address. Does not accept any submissions via email.

Please do not contact the office to check on the status of your submission as they do not keep records of manuscripts received. If your submission is of interest, they will contact you directly.

Founded 1995.

Synonyms: DGA
Diana Finch Literary Agencysearch for term

Founded 2003. Memoirs, narrative non-fiction, literary fiction.

No reading fee. Queries by email or letter only. No phone or fax.

Diane Banks Associates Ltdsearch for term

Commercial literary agency based in central London representing commercial fiction and personality-led, media or current affairs based non-fiction in the UK, US and foreign language markets.

Handles rights in the majority of territories directly rather than via sub-agents, ensuring career development with publishers worldwide including film and TV rights.

Founded in 2006

No poetry, children's, academic books, plays, scripts or short stories. Initial approach by email only.

Send brief CV, synopsis and sample chapters as Word or PDF attachments. Aim to give initial response within 2 weeks.

No reading fee.

Synonyms: Diane Banks Associates
DILIAsearch for term
Dinah Wiener Ltdsearch for term

Fiction and general non-fiction, film and TV (in association).

Preliminary letter and return postage essential.

Synonyms: Dinah Wiener
Disinformationsearch for term

Alternative American news and underground culture site with a liberal perspective, which describes itself as 'the search service of choice for individuals looking for information on current affairs. politics, new science' and "hidden information".

Diversity Managementsearch for term
DIY Publishingsearch for term

Online fee-paying publishing site which offers opportunity to put your work on the Internet at a price you choose. You then pay a handling charge on sales from the site.

Document Scanningsearch for term

This firm offers document conversion, data capture, data archiving and management services.

Don Congdon Associates for term

Founded 1983.

General fiction and non-fiction.

Works with co-agents overseas.

No unsolicited MSS - query first with sase (no IRCs) or email for reply.

Does not accept phone calls from querying authors.

Synonyms: Don Congdon Associates
Donadio Olson for term

Literary fiction and non-fiction.

Donald Maass Literary Agencysearch for term

Founded 1980.

Specialises in fiction, all genres.

No poetry or picture books.

Query with first 5pp of MS and a one-page synopsis with sase, or by email with ‘query' in the subject line.

Dorian Literary Agency (DLA)search for term

General fiction, and specialising in popular fiction (home 12.5%, USA 15%, translation 20%). For adults: women's fiction, romance, historicals; crime and thrillers; science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy and horror. Reading only very selectively. No short stories, young adult or children's fiction, non-fiction, comic material, poetry or drama.

No reading fee. Contact initially by post with the first 3 chapters and brief outline plus return postage/sae. No telephone calls, faxes or emails.

Founded 1986.

Synonyms: DLA
Dorie Simmonds Agency Ltdsearch for term
Dover Publicationssearch for term

Rather unusual American publisher's site which has made a real success at selling its low-priced books online, with 2 million visitors in its first year.

Dr Andy's Poetry and Technology Hoursearch for term

Innovative cross-disciplinary radio show which interviews a writer each week and airs on Wednesday afternoons in California but is available on the website for a week.

Dublar Scriptssearch for term

Pantomime and comedy play scripts from the pen of


including those co-written with other authors

Duncan McArasearch for term

Literary fiction;

Non-fiction represented: art, architecture, archaeology, biography, military, Scottish, trave.

Preliminary letter with sae essential. No reading fee.

Founded 1988.


Dunham Literary, for term

Founded 2000. 50% of list is for the children's market.

  • Children's books. Handles picture books, fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds and teenage fiction.
  • Also handles adult literary fiction and non-fiction;

Send query letter in first instance by post, not by fax or email. Do not send full MS. No reading fee.

DW Stock Picture Librarysearch for term
An Australian picture library with over 40,000 images online and a further 80,000 on call. Strengths are Australian topics, landscapes, cities, people, national parks, flora and fauna.
Dwyer O'Grady for term
Dystel Goderich Literary Managementsearch for term

Founded 1994.

General fiction and non-fiction:

  • literary and commercial fiction,
  • narrative non-fiction,
  • self-help,
  • cookbooks,
  • parenting,
  • science fiction/fantasy,
  • children's.

Handles picture books, fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds, teenage fiction and series fiction.

Send a query letter with a synopsis and up to 50pp of sample MS. No reading fee. Will suggest revision.

Looking for quality young adult fiction. Send a query letter with a synopsis and up to 50pp of sample MS.

--Dodona Bookssearch for term
An Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Offers a broad spectrum of divination systems to suit all, including Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Ogham, Palmistry, Dream Interpretation, Scrying, Dowsing, I Ching, Numerology, Angels and Faeries, Tasseomancy and IntrospectionSee also: John Hunt Publishing