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Glossary beginning with J

Glossary terms

--Julia McCutchensearch for term
Julia McCutchen is an intuitive creator, writer and mentor who guides people to share their unique gifts through creating, writing and living from a conscious and vibrant connection to Truth. A former international publisher, Julia experienced a life-changing accident in 1999 which triggered a series of major quantum leaps in her spiritual awakening. She subsequently developed a tried and tested holistic approach to access the present and aligned state required for original creative expression in all areas of life, especially writing. She is the founder and creative director of the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers (IACCW) and the author of two books including, Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More (Hay House). For more information and a free video series visit and www.iaccw.comSee also: Julia McCutchen
--J. Garnet Millersearch for term
Adaptations of classics like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, as well as award-winning festival plays by authors as varied as David Campton, John H. Newmeir, Ros Moruzzi, Joe Graham and Ellie Fossey (our newest author). (J. Garnet Miller was formed from J. B. Pinker and Sons, Steele’s Play Bureau and the play section of Frederick Mueller Books and has an archive of plays stretching back to the 1920s.)
Jacketflapsearch for term

New American site which offers information about 10,000 publishers, focusing particularly on what to submit where. You need to register to get full use from the site, but it's free and does contain a huge amount of useful information for children's writers

James Peter Associates for term

Non-fiction, especially history, politics, popular culture, health, psychology, reference, biography (home 15%, overseas 20%).

Will suggest revision. No reading fee.

Foreign rights handled by JPA.

Founded 1971.

Jane Conway-Gordon Ltdsearch for term

Founded 1982.

Full length MSS. No reading fee but preliminary letter and return postage essential.

No poetry, sci-fi or children's.

Represented in all foreign countries.

Synonyms: Jane Conway-Gordon
Jane Dowary Agencysearch for term
set up in 2013 by fiction writer who saw how hard for writers to get representation for their work
Jane Judd Literary Agencysearch for term

General non-fiction and fiction. Special interests: women's fiction, crime, thrillers, narrative non-fiction.

No short stories, film/TV scripts, poetry or plays.

Submission guidelines (File upload on their web site)

Founded 1986.

Association of Authors' Agents

Jane Southernsearch for term
Jane Turnbullsearch for term

Founded 1986.

High quality non-fiction; biography, history, natural history, lifestyle, humour; TV tie-ins, some literary fiction. No science fiction or children's.

Commission terms are: 15% for sales to UK publishers, 20% for sales to US publishers and in translation, 15% for film and TV rights.

The agency works in association with Aitken Alexander Associates for the sale of translation rights ( and with a number of specialist sub-agents for the sale of US rights, of TV and film rights and merchandising.

Preliminary letter (NOT email) essential; no unsolicited MSS.

Mailing address

Barn Cottage
Veryan Churchtown
Truro TR2 5QA

Janklow & Nesbit (UK) Ltdsearch for term
Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction.

No poetry, plays, film/TV scripts.

Send an informative covering letter with full outline (non-fiction), synopsis and first three sample chapters (fiction) to the main Janklow and Nesbit (UK) Ltd address for the attention of the Submissions Department.

Please include return postage if you would like your manuscript returned to you. US rights handled by Janklow & Nesbit Associates in New York.Synonyms: Janklow & Nesbit
Janklow Nesbit Associatessearch for term

Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction. No unsolicited MSS.

Works in conjunction with Janklow Nesbit (UK) Ltd.

January Magazinesearch for term
Interesting magazine with collection of book reviews and interviews with authors with an international flavour. 'Our mandate is to bring you interviews with authors from around the world as well as reviews of books written in all countries.' This includes an article on books about self-publishing.
JCA Literary Agency for term
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency for term

Mainstream commercial and literary fiction (no formula fiction);

Non-fiction: psychology, science, biography, performance rights.

Send query letter (via email only - to the agent you feel is best fitted for your work.

Founded 1978.

Synonyms: Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency for term

Quality non-fiction, especially health, science, women's issues, gardening, antiques and decorative arts, biography, cookbooks, popular reference, business, natural history. Founded 1997.

Jeffrey Simmonssearch for term

Specialises in fiction (no science fiction, horror or fantasy), biography, autobiography, show business, personality books, law, crime, politics, world affairs. Full-length MSS (home from 10%, overseas from 15%).

Will suggest revision. No reading fee, but preliminary letter essential.

Jennifer Luithlen Agencysearch for term

Not looking for new clients.

Children's fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%), performance rights (15%).

Founded 1986.

Jenny Brown Associatessearch for term
Literary fiction, crime writing and writing for children; non-fiction: biography, history, sport, music popular culture. Also adult fiction and general non-fiction. No poetry, science fiction, fantasy or academic.
Jenny Darling Associatessearch for term
Jill Foster Ltd (JFL)search for term

Jill Foster Ltd represents screenwriters and specialises in film and TV.

Particularly interested in film, TV and radio comedy and drama. Theatre, films, TV and sound broadcasting. Particularly interested in film and TV comedy and drama. No novels or short stories.

No novels or short stories.

No reading fee. Preliminary letter essential. No submissions by email. Do not send material in the first instance.

Founded 1978.

Synonyms: JFL
JM Thurley Managementsearch for term

To help writers reach their full potential through detailed advice, constructive criticism, and market directed input across the full range of technical and artistic requirements for approaching the market including: plot, characters, dramatic narrative momentum, style, grammar, punctuation, pace.

Manuscript Assessment, Editorial Input, Guidance, Constructive Criticism & Creative Advice, Rewriting, Sourcing Research, Presentation for the Market, Contractual & Business Advice.

Specialises in commercial and literary full-length fiction and commercial work for film and TV.

No plays, poetry, short stories, articles or fantasy.

Fees charged. Please see website for details.

Links with leading US and European agents.

Founded 1976.

Joan Daves Agencysearch for term

Founded in 1952 by Joan Daves.

Fiction only.

Send a one-page query letter.

Subsidiary of Writers House LLC.

Joanne Phillipssearch for term
UK-based freelance writer and ghostwriter. She has had articles published in national writing magazines, and has ghostwritten books on subjects as diverse as hairdressing and keeping chickens. Visit her at
John Hawkins Associates for term

Fiction, non-fiction, young adult. Founded 1893.

Synonyms: John Hawkins Associates
John Hunt Publishingsearch for term
Explore the "Our Imprints" section to learn more about our uniquely qualified publishers and their supporting teams. See also: 6th Books, Axis Mundi Books, Ayni Books, Bedroom Books, Business Books, Changemakers Books, Christian Alternative, Circle Books, Compass Books, Cosmic Egg Books, Dodona Books, Earth Books, Gaming Books, Iff Books, Liberalis, Mantra Books, Moon Books, O-Books, Our Street Books, Perfect Edge, Psyche Books, Roundfire, Sassy Books, Soul Rocks, Top Hat Books, Trevor Greenfield, Zero Books
John Llewellyn Rhys Prizesearch for term
second oldest literary prize in Britain; established in 1942 to honour writer John Llewellyn Rhys, who was killed in action in World War II; open to British and Commonwealth writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, aged 35 or under, at the time of publication
John Pawseysearch for term

General non-fiction only, particularly biography, popular culture and sport.

Preliminary letter and return postage with all correspondence essential. No submissions by email.

Works in association with agencies in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

Johnson & Alcock Ltdsearch for term

Literary and commercial fiction, children's fiction; general non-fiction including current affairs, biography and memoirs, history, lifestyle, health and personal development; film and music, graphic novels.

Children's fiction and non-fiction; ages 9-12, teenage fiction, young adult, series fiction.

Also accept adult fiction and non-fiction.

No short stories, poetry or picturebooks.

If you would like the agency to consider representing you for your work, contact them in the first instance by post at the address above. There is no need to phone the office in advance. Please note they do not accept or respond to email submissions.

For works of fiction they ask for a synopsis and three chapters, or approximately the first 50 pages of the novel. For non-fiction please supply a full outline and chapter breakdown along with at least 30 pages of the text. All submissions should be double spaced and on A4 paper.

Remember to include a covering letter with your biographical details and relevant experience, and a stamped addressed envelope either for the return of the manuscript or for a reply.

Synonyms: Johnson & Alcock
Jonathan Clowes Ltdsearch for term

Founded 1960. Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction, film, TV, theatre and radio.

No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS. Works in association with agents overseas.

Represents screenwriters. Fiction, non-fiction, film, TV, theatre and radio.

Preliminary letter required.

No unsolicited scripts.

Synonyms: Jonathan Clowes
Jonathan Williams Literary Agencysearch for term

General fiction and non-fiction, preferably by Irish authors.

Return postage appreciated (no British stamps - use IRCs). Founded 1981.

Will suggest revision; no reading fee unless a very fast decision is required.

Sub-agents in Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Japan.

Josef Weinberger Plays Ltdsearch for term

Specialises in stage plays and music.

Works in conjunction with many overseas agents.

No unsolicited MSS; preliminary letter essential.

Founded 1938.

Josef Weinberger founded his publishing business in Vienna in 1885. Through an association with Johann Strauss II, he began licensing performances of Strauss' operettas. Licensing stage works has been a vital part of our work ever since and the principal Viennese operetta composers are represented in our catalogue: Strauss, Millöcker, Zeller, Kálmán, Oscar Straus, Stolz and Fall. We have administered the copyrights of Franz Lehár for many years for Lehár's own company, Glocken Verlag.

We have expanded into several other musical genres over the years: contemporary classical, light orchestral, educational, brass and military band, and religious. Our associated production music library, JW Media Music Ltd, is a leader in its field, while our sister companies in Vienna and Frankfurt have developed repertoire for their own respective markets.

Today, our theatre catalogue spans the century, from Viennese operettas to British musicals of the 1990s. It spans the globe too, through our representation for the UK and other European territories of the prestigious Broadway show catalogues of Music Theatre International and the Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre Library. 1998 saw another development, our expansion into the arena of the play with the acquisition of rights in the stage works of the Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnár.

Synonyms: Josef Weinberger Plays
Judith Chilcote Agencysearch for term

Focus is very commercial, so what she takes on ebbs and flows with the market. She is currently interested in popular psychology, nostalgic memoirs, historical fiction, women’s fiction (no chick lit) and crime fiction

No short stories, science fiction, children's, poetry. Works in conjunction with overseas agents and New York affiliate.

Founded 1990.

Judith Murdoch Literary Agencysearch for term

Full-length fiction only, especially accessible literary and commercial women's fiction.

No science fiction/fantasy, poetry, short stories or children's.

Approach by letter, not telephone, sending the first 2 chapters and synopsis. Submissions by email cannot be considered. Return postage/sae essential. Editorial advice given; no reading fee.

Translation rights handled by the Marsh Agency Ltd.

Founded 1993.

Judy Daish Associates Ltdsearch for term

Represents: Writers, directors, designers, screenwriters and choreographers for theatre, film, television, radio, opera and TV.

No unsolicited MSS. No reading fee. Founded 1978.

Rates by negotiation; no reading fee. No unsolicited MSS.

Founded 1978.

Synonyms: Judy Daish Associates
Julio F. Yañez Agencia Literaria for term
Jüri Gabrielsearch for term

Quality fiction and non-fiction (i.e. anything that shows wit and intelligence); radio, TV and film, but selling these rights only in existing works by existing clients. Full-length MSS (home 10%, overseas 20%); performance rights (10%). Will suggest revision where appropriate. No short stories, articles, verse or books for children.

No reading fee; return postage essential.

Juri Gabriel is the chairman of Dedalus (publishers).

Juveniliasearch for term