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Glossary beginning with H

Glossary terms

Harold Ober Associates for term

Founded 1929. We work in partnership with the following agencies


Andrew Nurnberg Associates (Sofia)

Andrew Nurnberg Associates (London)

Agence Hoffman (Paris)

Liepman AG (Zürich)

Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale (Milan)

Harvey Klinger for term

Founded 1977. Commercial and literary fiction, and non-fiction - serious narrative through to self-help psychology books.

Exclusive submissions are preferred and given priority.

Do not phone or fax.

Send query with sase or by email.

Hawthornden Castle Fellowshipsearch for term

Hawthornden Castle, The International Retreat for Writers, Lasswade, Midlothian EH18 1EG

Phone 0131 440 2180

Fax 0131 440 1989

Contact: The Administrator

Established 1982 to provide a peaceful setting where published writers can work without disturbance. The Retreat houses five writers at a time, who are known as Hawthornden Fellows. Writers from any part of the world may apply for the fellowships. No monetary assistance is given, nor any contribution to travelling expenses, but once arrived at Hawthornden, the writer is the guest of the Retreat. Applications on forms provided must be made by the end of June for the following calendar year. Previous winners include: Les Murray, Alasdair Gray, Helen Vendler, Olive Senior, Hilary Spurling.


Health on the Netsearch for term

A reputable place to start your research into health issues.

Heartline Bookssearch for term

Crisp and well-presented site from new UK romance publisher which brings a breath of fresh air to romance writing. Information for writers and sales site.

Heather Schillersearch for term
hhb agency ltdsearch for term

hhb agency ltd was founded in 2005 by Heather Holden-Brown. The agency represents writers of non-fiction - in particular, journalism, history and politics, travel and adventure, contemporary autobiography and biography, books about words and numbers, popular culture and quirky humour, entertainment and television, business, family memoir, food and cookery - and commercial fiction. hhb agency ltd is always pleased to hear from talented writers. Please call or email before sending in your material.

Please do not send international postal vouchers with submissions. As a small agency which believes strongly in regular and consultative personal contact, they do not represent writers based beyond Europe.

Permissions: If you wish to quote from a book by one of their authors, it is suggested you write first to the Permissions Department of the publisher of the original edition of the book, setting out clearly details of the quotation/s you wish to use and for what purpose.

Synonyms: hhb agency
Hill Nadell for term

Founded 1979. Full-length fiction and non-fiction.

Send query letter initially.

Historical Writers' Associationsearch for term

Novelist Manda Scott has recently formed the [no-glossary]Historical Writers' Association[/no-glossary] as a forum for writers and to promote the genre. The internet-based group already boasts around 100 members including authors, agents and editors, is open to writers of historical fiction and non-fiction.

Horror Writers UKsearch for term

If you write Horror, it's worth checking out this UK site for horror writers. Post work online, read articles about writing in the Horror genre and recomended books.

Horror Writers’ Associationsearch for term

Lively and active worldwide organisation for writers of Horror and Dark Fantasy. Unpublished writers admitted as affiliates.  Newsletter, networking and the annual Bram Stoker awards.

How A Book Is Born - GalleyCatsearch for term

How a book is born Have you ever wondered how a book gets through a publishing house from conception to reader? This wonderfully cynical infographic shows you, imparting some useful information amidst the jokes.

Howard Literary Agencysearch for term
Howtodothings.comsearch for term
Enormously wide-ranging self-help site, which covers everything from How to move an aquarium and How to learn glass-blowing, and includes useful articles such as How to Jumpstart Creative Writing and How to Come up with Creative Ideas.
HTML Writers Guildsearch for term
For anyone interested in web design and writing, with around 123,000 members worldwide. Provides a network, information and support, including online tutorials. In August 2001 merged into the International Webmasters Association (IWA) to for the world's largest association of Internet professionals.
--Harvill Secker search for term

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