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Glossary beginning with V

Glossary terms

Valerie Hoskins Associates Ltdsearch for term

Film, TV and radio; specialises in animation.

Does not accept unsolicited submissions, but writers may send a letter of introduction about their work by email, or by post with an sae.

Works in conjunction with US agents.

Synonyms: Valerie Hoskins Associates
Van Lear Limitedsearch for term
Vanessa Holt Ltdsearch for term

Founded 1989. General adult fiction and non-fiction.

Works in conjunction with foreign agencies in all markets.

No reading fee. No unsolicited MSS and submissions preferred by arrangement. No overseas submissions.

Synonyms: Vanessa Holt
Vernon Presssearch for term
View Askew Productionssearch for term

Zany site which offers daily news updates of film-making and comics, including Kevin Smith's Movie Poop Shoot and a mass of other information in a lively way.

Vintage Publishingsearch for term
Click for Vintage Publishing Publishers References listingSee also: Random House UK
Virginia Kidd Agency for term

Fiction, specialising in science fiction and fantasy (home 15%, overseas 20-25%).

Send synopsis (1-3 pages), cover letter and sase.

Synonyms: Virginia Kidd Agency
Virusessearch for term

Combating the menace of viruses relies upon collective protection. If enough computers have good virus detection software, they slow the spread and increase the chance of detection for this unpleasant fact of computing life. Be a good citizen, buy some good software and keep it updated.

These are some of the good guys. Most let you download the latest virus definitions and fixes if you have become infected.