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MayerBenham Ltd

55 Athenlay Road

London, SE15 3EN
United Kingdom


  • Simon Benham
  • Jo Mayer

Founded in 2002 by Simon Benham and Jo Mayer, MBL offers publishing, agenting and consulting services.

MBL agency deals in non fiction across a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from Humour to Interior Design

No unsolicited MS; email in first instance.

Authors include Keith Allen, Jacqueline Doherty, Peter Fisk, Will Hodgkinson, Tony Husband, The Idler, Dan Kieran, Ian McCulloch, Danielle Proud, Amanda Smith, David Taylor, Ian Vince, Chris Yates.

020-7277 8560
020-7277 8560

Agent Specialism

Please contact the agent directly and not via WritersServices


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