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English Regional Arts Boards

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Through its Literature Department, the Arts Council of England provides writers awards for authors who have had at least one book published and support for translation schemes, publishing and education.

Their Live Literature Network this has a Live Events listing section. If you become a member, you can add your own event. Live Literature Network is 'a blanket term for a whole structure of support of a diverse and evolving nature, aimed at all areas of the literature business'. Their Latest News page provides updates on the world of literature - You will be asked to log in but persist!

The body representing the 10 Regional Arts Boards, which restructured in 2001 to create a single arts funding and development agency for the whole of England with the aim of providing a simpler and quicker system which is more responsive and effective. Their website ( also provides a ‘Community’, in the form of email lists which can be used to contact others working in the same field. The 10 Regional Arts Boards provide support for writers living in their region, so if you're looking for bursaries and grants look first at their sites.

To discover what is going on in your region: and pick your region.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom