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Alma Classics

London House
243-253 Lower Mortlake Road
Richmond, SURREY TW9 2LL
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 8948 9550
+44 (0)20 8948 5599

In Spring 2007 Elisabetta Minervini and Alessandro Gallenzi, founders of Alma Books, launched Oneworld ClassicsClick for Alma Classics Publishers References listing in partnership with the directors of Oneworld Publications, Juliet Mabey and Novin Doostdar. In September 2007, Oneworld Classics acquired the legendary Calder Publications list (founded 1949), with its vast array of Nobel-Prize winners and controversial authors such as Artaud, Trocchi and Miller. Consequently The Calder Collection was launched, providing a greater range of hitherto unavailable or obscure world classics.

In 2010 Oneworld Classics launched a new imprint, Overture Publishing, a series of beautifully produced opera and classical-music guides which are unique in the English language.

In Spring 2012 Alma Books acquired Oneworld Classics with an aim of breathing new life into this much loved list, revamping and rebranding titles as Alma Classics. Alma Classics will continue the Oneworld Classics mission, publishing not only the greatest recognized masterpieces of all time, from every literature and genre, but trying to redefine and enrich the classics canon by promoting unjustly neglected works of enduring significance.

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