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Scriptwriting assessment service

About us

Get your TV script, screenplay or play professionally assessed

Do you want to get your script accepted and produced for the stage or screen? This is one of the most competitive areas to get into, with very few open doors. The glamour and potential financial rewards of writing for performance are contrasted with the  reality of rejection, or no response at all, which is what is actually experienced by many aspiring scriptwriters.

A number of websites exist in the US to sell the dream of making it and selling your screenplay to Hollywood. We’re soundly based in the real world and offering a service which will help you take the first step. This is to get your work assessed and find out what you need to do to get it into the best shape for submission.  This professional feedback provides a practical means of moving towards achieving your dreams.

Our expert script editor provides a service for scripts, plays and screenplays. He is a skilled professional with particular expertise in assessing and editing writing for performance.

Script Assessment Report

This offers a report of four to six pages. It will look at the style, content, dramatic effectiveness and commercial potential of your screenplay, script or play, offering an overview of any work you should undertake to get it ready for submission. If you don’t know whether you have any real talent for writing plays, scripts or screenplays, this is a good place to start. It also offers some clear suggestions on what, if anything, you should do to improve your work. It will give you the tools to rewrite and restructure your work, and get your writing to a more professional level.

What it costs  

The Script Assessment Report costs £250 on plays, scripts and screenplays up to a standard length of 50,000 words. If your manuscript is longer than this, please get in touch and send it to us, and we will quote you for the work.

These fees are payable in advance.

Getting your work to us

Your report will be emailed back to you. We would anticipate that the Report will take around two weeks but will provide a date once you have placed an order.

Please send your manuscript as one Word file.

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