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Proof-reading service

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Our Proof-reading service will carry out a final check to make sure your book is ready to be printed

Our professional editors can proof-read your book when the text has been set up as pages and is ready to print. The page proofs are proof-read to eliminate any errors.  In the past many of these related to typesetting literals, but even if your book has been computer type-set or digitally produced, you should consider having it proof-read to correct any errors and make sure that your finished text is as perfect as you would wish before it is printed or published as an ebook. 

  • Has your book been properly copy edited? It is important to distinguish between the two processes, as the first step should be copy editing to correct the spelling and grammar in your typescript. All manuscripts should be copy edited to make sure that the finished book is not full of errors and this is something that publishers undertake as a matter of course.
  • It is only after the copy editing has been done that you should proceed with the typesetting or producing a digital file. If there are still many corrections to be made at page proof stage it will be an extremely expensive undertaking.
  • If you intend to publish your book yourself, you, as the publisher, should make sure that it is properly copy edited and we would also suggest that you should consider professional proof-reading.  This will make sure that the corrections made at copy editing stage have been properly incorporated and that further errors have not been introduced. It will also involve checking the prelims, page layouts, captions and so on.
  • Proof-reading is particularly necessary if your copy editor has worked on hard copy or has used the track changes facility (see Copy editing), but less essential if the changes have been made on screen and you have simply read through the copy edited typescript.
  • You should also check the proofs yourself, but bear in mind that it is notoriously difficult to spot your own mistakes and proof-reading is a skilled task.
  • If your book is to be brought out by a publisher, then the publisher will usually arrange for the copy editing and proof-reading to be done, as part of the processes involved in putting it into production.  If you do not yet have a publisher, then you might want to consider having a copy editor go through it to improve its presentation and help your chances.  But there's really no need for you to arrange for your book to be proof-read unless you are intending to publish it yourself.

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Our proof-reader will be a professional editor with plenty of experience of proof-reading, which is a specific editorial expertise and is often carried out by freelances.

  • The proof-reader will carefully go through the page proofs of your book, making the corrections or marking up any errors for the designer to correct.  There shouldn't be any major changes at this stage, but it is surprisingly easy for small errors to creep into the text, particularly if there were a lot of corrections at the copy editing stage.  It is irritating to stumble across these in a printed book and even more irritating when it is your own book!

What it costs

Proof-reading is a less demanding task than copy editing, but it still needs hours of careful attention. This is reflected in the fee structure, which is according to the length of the book. We charge around £.004 per word for fiction and £.0045 per word for non-fiction. This means that an 80,000 word novel would cost £.004 x 80,000 i.e. £320 and an 80,000 non-fiction book would cost £360.

We need to see the proofs before quoting and, if your proofs need heavy correction or your book contains technical language and needs specialist proof-reading, we may need to quote you a higher fee.

The fee is payable on placing of the order.

We would normally expect to get the proof-read material back to you within two weeks of receipt of the manuscript and your order, but let us know if you need a faster turnaround. We will give you a specific date when you have placed your order.

Please send your proofs in Word, so that we can correct them.

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