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Unique documents

About us

Submitting Original Documents such as Contracts

We would prefer you to send us a text file of your contract.  

  1. Try to get your publisher or agent to send a copy of the document to you in this form.
  2. It is possible to scan documents and turn them into computer text. 
  3. If not, please send us a copy, not the original, by post.

We cannot be responsible for original documents. (Sorry, but we will refuse to sign for registered deliveries of any sort unless we are expecting them.)

About us

So (in order of our preference):

  1. Ask for a computer text copy of your contract and forward that to us as an email attachment.
  2. If you have a scanner, you can scan the printed contract and then send it to us as an email attachment.
  3. Send us a photocopy by post.  Contact details

Submitting manuscripts