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Agents Specialising in No Horror

5130 Bellaire Avenue

North Hollywood, CA 91607
United States


  • B J Robbins
  • Robert McAndrews

Founded 1992. Handles literary fiction, narrative and general non-fiction. No scripts, genre fiction, romance, horror, science fiction or children's books. Send covering letter with first three chapters or e-mail query in the first instance. No reading fee.

Commission Home 15; Foreign/Translation 10%

Overseas associates Abner Stein and The Marsh Agency, UK

B J Robbins Literary Agency website
001 818 760 6602
001 818 760 6616

49 Great Ormond Street

London, WC1N 3HZ
United Kingdom


  • Ros Edwards
  • Helenka Fuglewicz

Literary and commercial fiction (but no children's fiction, science fiction, horror or fantasy); non-fiction: biography, history, popular culture (home 15%, USA/translation 20%).

No unsolicited MSS or email submissions. No reading fee.

Founded 1996.

Association of Authors' AgentsThe association of UK agents. Their website ( gives a Directory of Members and a code of practice, but no information about the agencies other than their names. The association refers visitors to the UK agent listings from The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook on the WritersServices site.

020-7405 6725
020-7405 6726

15 Penn House
Mallory Street
London, NW8 8SX
United Kingdom

Specialises in fiction (no science fiction, horror or fantasy), biography, autobiography, show business, personality books, law, crime, politics, world affairs. Full-length MSS (home from 10%, overseas from 15%).

Will suggest revision. No reading fee, but preliminary letter essential.

Jeffrey Simmons website
020-7224 8917

43 Musard Road

London, W6 8NR
United Kingdom


  • Teresa Chris

All fiction, especially crime, women's commercial, general and literary fiction; all non-fiction, especially biography, history, health, cooking, arts and crafts.

No science fiction, horror, fantasy, short stories, poetry, academic books.

No reading fee. Send introductory letter describing work, first 3 chapters and sae.

Representation in all overseas territories.

Teresa Chris Literary Agency Ltd website
020-7-386 0633

7 Duncairn Avenue

Bray, Co. Wicklow
  • Managing Director Geraldine Nichol

Full-length MSS (home 10%, USA/translation 20%). Fiction preferred - thrillers, Irish novels, literary fiction, women's novels and general commercial. No horror, science fiction, children's or poetry.

Strong editorial support. No reading fee. Preliminary letter, synopsis and 3 sample chapters (single line spacing). Return postage essential, IRCs from UK and abroad.

Works with agents overseas.

The Book Bureau Literary Agency website
(01) 276 4996
(01) 276 4834

28 Moreton Street

London, SW1V 2PE
United Kingdom


  • Margaret Hanbury

Personally run agency specialising in quality fiction and non-fiction.

Does not represent film scripts, plays, poetry, fantasy, horror or DIY.

If your material does not fit in to one of the categories above please send a letter of introduction together with a brief synopsis and the first chapter (or opening 25 pages).

Please note that unsolicited email submissions will not be considered. Guidelines

Authors include George Alagiah, J.G. Ballard, Simon Callow, Jane Glover, Judith Lennox, Katie Price.
020 7630 6768

101 rue Raymond-Losserand

Paris, 75014

Director / Contact

  • Alexandra LEFEBVRE

We represent literary fiction, quality commercial fiction, thrillers, suspense, children and young adult fiction, biographies and a few non fiction works.

We don't represent horror, Sci Fi and poetry.

Overseas associates:
Forlagid Rights Agency (Iceland), Penguin NZ (New Zealand), Magvetö Kiado (Hungary), Poisoned Pen Press (US) and a few others

Submission guidelines:
The Parisian Agency is specializing in translation rights. We represent foreign authors on behalf of literary agencies or publishing houses in France and in some cases in other European countries. We are mainly interested in a collaboration with foreign agencies or publishing companies.

However, we accept to consider the works of self-published authors as far as they are written in English. A query should include a brief author bio, a synopsis of the book, and the opening chapters. 

All queries should be made via email.

We represent:
Gudrún Eva Mínervudóttir, Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Natalie King, Alix Bosco, Vasanti Unka, László Csabai, Benedek Totth, Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl,Gyrðir Elíasson, Ottar Martin Norðfjörð, Bárður Oskarsson, George Sims, Priscilla Royal, Jeffrey Siger...

The agency was founded in 2010.

The Parisian Agency website
(+33) 1 45 39 68 14