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Agents Specialising in No Screenplays

6 Warwick Court

London, WC1R 5DJ
United Kingdom


  • William Hamilton
  • Sara Fisher
  • Victoria Hobbs
  • Euan Thorneycroft
  • Jennifer Custer
  • Sarah Molloy

Full-length MSS. Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction, children's, performance rights. Also handles adult literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction; 20% of list is for children's market.

Handles picture books, fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds, teenage fiction, series fiction, film/TV tie-ins and non-fiction.

No science fiction, screenplays, poetry or short stories except for established clients.

Agents in USA and all European countries and Japan. Fiction and non-fiction from age 5 to young adult.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Does not accept submissions via email or through this website.
  • Submissions should be printed no smaller than 12 point Times New Roman font.
  • Double-spaced and printed on one side only of A4 paper.
  • Consist of the first three chapters or approximately the first fifty pages to a natural break.
  • Be accompanied by a covering letter and brief synopsis.
  • Please include return postage if you require the material to be returned. AM Heath is not responsible for material once it has been posted back.
  • Does not accept International Reply Coupons, please include an email address if submitting from overseas.
  • Endeavours to respond to all submissions within four weeks of receipt
  • Does not accept picture books.

Overseas associates in USA, Europe, South America, Japan and the Far East.

Clients include Prof. Christopher Andrew, Nadeem Aslam, Bella Bathurst, Anita Brookner, Prof. Kathleen Burk, Joseph Connolly, Stevie Davies, John Dougherty, Geoff Dyer, R.J. Ellory, Katie Fforde, Graham Hancock, Tobias Hill, Conn Iggulden, Marina Lewycka, Lucy Mangan, Hilary Mantel, Maggie O'Farrell, Tim Pears, Susan Price, Ben Richards, Clive Stafford Smith, Barbara Trapido.

Children's authors include Nicholas Allan, John Dougherty, Nick Gifford, Joanna Nadin, Susan Price, John Singleton, Rose Wilkins, Leslie Wilson, the Estates of Noel Streatfeild, Helen Cresswell and Joan Aiken.

Founded 1919.
020-7242 2811
020-7242 2711

PO Box 2000

Cotuit , MA 02635
United States


  • Alison Picard

Adult fiction and non-fiction, children's and young adult (15%). 

No short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays or sci-fi/fantasy. 

No reading fee. 

Founded 1985.

Alison Picard, Literary Agent website

18-21 Cavaye Place

London, SW10 9PT
United Kingdom


  • Anthony Sheil

Accepts fiction and non-fiction. No plays or scripts.

No reading fee.

Submission Guidelines:

  • With your letter, you should send a synopsis/summary, ideally a paragraph, but no longer than one page, plus the first thirty pages of consecutively written sample material (in other words, do not send sample chapters from beginning, middle and end).
  • Your typewritten pages should be double-spaced, single-sided, loose-leaf A4, and you should tell us whether you'd like the entire submission to be returned to you (if not suitable) - if you do, you need to include an adequately sized stamped addressed envelope. Otherwise, you can simply send us a stamped addressed envelope for our reply. For fiction, we require that books be completed before submitting.


All requests for permission to use copyright material by any of the clients of Aitken Alexander should contain the following information:

(i) Title and Author of book / material in which extract concerned appears;
(ii) Length (and page reference) of such extract;
(iii) Territories and Languages for which permission sought;
(iv) Title / Publisher / Price / Publication date and estimated first print-run of book / material in which extract will appear;
(v) All other relevant information.

Requests should be submitted to the Permissions Department in writing, by post or fax, or by email to:

Authors include Caroline Alexander, John Fowles, John Keegan, Patrick Leigh-Fermor, Robert Wilson.
020-7373 8672
020-7373 6002

103 Walton Street

Oxford, OX2 6EB
United Kingdom


  • Antony Harwood
  • James Macdonald Lockhart

Fiction and non-fiction in every genre and category except for screenwriting and poetry.

Terms of business include commission at 15% on all contracts for British Commonwealth rights and 20% on all contracts for American and translation rights.

Commission on all contracts for film and/or television rights is 10-15%, subject to the involvement of sub-agents and associated agencies. Full details of terms of business are agreed with authors when they become clients.

Submission Guidelines:

If you wish to submit your work for consideration, send a brief outline by email. If you want to post your material please be sure to enclose an S.A.E or the cost of return postage. Make sure that you keep a copy of all material you send as no liability for the loss or damage of any material received is accepted.

Will suggest revision. No reading fee.

Clients include Amanda Craig, Louise Doughty, Peter F. Hamilton, Alan Hollinghurst, A.L. Kennedy, Douglas Kennedy, Dorothy Koomson, Chris Manby, George Monbiot, Garth Nix, Tim Parks. Children's authors include Garth Nix.

Founded 2000.
(01865) 559615
(01865) 310660

W.R.P.O. Box 39588

White Rock, British Columbia V48 5L6


  • Carolyn Swayze

Literary and commercial fiction, some juvenile and teen books. No romance, science fiction, poetry, screenplays, or picture books.

Eager to discover lively, thought-provoking narrative non-fiction, especially in the fields of science, history, travel, politics, and memoir.

PO Box 70098

London, SE15 5AU
United Kingdom

Represents fiction and general non-fiction. Does not represent children's books, science fiction/fantasy, poetry or scripts.

Commission: (home 10%, overseas 20%). Works in conjunction with agencies in Europe and Scandinavia.

Submission Guidelines:

Send the first three chapters and a synopsis of the remainder, together with a short covering letter. You must enclose a stamped S.A.E. (If you are outside the UK, please use international postal orders). Does not accept submissions on disc, by email or fax. Submissions should be typed using double-spacing on one side of the paper only; please remember to number the pages.

No reading fee.

Founded 1984.

Association of Authors' AgentsThe association of UK agents. Their website ( gives a Directory of Members and a code of practice, but no information about the agencies other than their names. The association refers visitors to the UK agent listings from The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook on the WritersServices site.

020-7401 8844
020-7401 8860

2 Ganton Street

London, W1F 7QL
United Kingdom


  • Clare Conville
  • Patrick Walsh

All genres of fiction and non-fiction (generally upmarket to mass market), children's books. No poetry, screenplays or short stories. No reading fee. Picture books, fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds, teenage fiction, series fiction and film/TV tie-ins (home 15%, overseas 20%). Also handles adult literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction. Submit first 3 chapters, cover letter, synopsis and sae.

No reading fee.

Clients Literary and commercial fiction across a spectrum from the Booker Prize winner D.B.C. Pierre to recent shortlist nominees such as Sarah Hall, and the Orwell Prize winner Delia Jarrett-Macauley; and commercial novelists such as Isabel Wolff, Matt Dunn and Michael Cordy. Non-fiction authors include historians such as Tom Holland and Helen Castor, science writers such as Simon Singh and Richard Wiseman, the poet Ruth Padel and prize-winning journalists such as Misha Gelnny and Michael Bywater.

Also handles the Estate of the artist Francis Bacon.

Children's and young adult list ranges from John Burningham to Steve Voake and the Estate of Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking). Children's authors include John Burningham, Kate Cann, Timothy Knapman, P.J. Lynch, Joshua Mowll, Jacqui Murhall, Peadar O'Guilin, Nicky Singer, Steve Voake.

Founded 2000.

Association of Authors' AgentsThe association of UK agents. Their website ( gives a Directory of Members and a code of practice, but no information about the agencies other than their names. The association refers visitors to the UK agent listings from The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook on the WritersServices site.

020-7287 3030
020-7287 4545

1105 - 320 Front St W

Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B6

Proprietors and Lead Agents:

  • Dean Cooke
  • Sally Harding
  • Martha Webb
  • Chris Bucci


We do not accept screenplay, stage play, poetry, or picture book queries. We are especially eager to read thrillers, horror, commercial suspense, speculative fiction, upmarket women's fiction, middle grade, YA, literary fiction, research-driven non-fiction, and narrative non-fiction.

Submission guidelines Please note that we do not accept submissions via email, mail, or fax. To query us, visit our website and submit via the submissions form:

A list of our active clients is available at

Founded in 2017.
647-788 4016

United Kingdom


  • Diane Banks

Commercial literary agency based in central London representing commercial fiction and personality-led, media or current affairs based non-fiction in the UK, US and foreign language markets.

Handles rights in the majority of territories directly rather than via sub-agents, ensuring career development with publishers worldwide including film and TV rights.

Founded in 2006

No poetry, children's, academic books, plays, scripts or short stories. Initial approach by email only.

Send brief CV, synopsis and sample chapters as Word or PDF attachments. Aim to give initial response within 2 weeks.

No reading fee.

54 Gloucester Street

London, SW1V 4EG
United Kingdom


  • Eve WhiteAgent for commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, children's fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). No submissions by email. No reading fee. Will suggest revision where appropriate. See website for up-to-date submission requirements.

Commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, children's fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Submissions only by email. No reading fee. Will suggest revision where appropriate. See website for up-to-date submission requirements.

Does not accept poetry, short stories, screenplays, science fiction or fantasy for adults. Not currently looking for picture books.

Prefers not to receive telephone enquiries.

Submissions by email only to:

Please don't send any general correspondence or questions about submissions to any address: only fiction samples or non-fiction proposals and samples.

Please see further details on

Authors include Ruth Ware, Jane Shemilt, Andy Stanton, Saskia Sarginson, Damian Le Bas, Tracey Corderoy, Rae Earl Rebecca Reid, Sarah J Naughton, Yvvette Edwards, Luan Goldie, Rachael Blok, Elli Woollard, Abie Longstaff, Darran Anderson, James Clarke, A S Hatch, Umair Haque, Paul Cooper, Veronica Clark, Jemma Wayne, Ivan Brett, Christine Hamill, James Bishop, Sarah Coyle, Kate Scott.

Founded 2003.

Association of Authors' AgentsThe association of UK agents. Their website ( gives a Directory of Members and a code of practice, but no information about the agencies other than their names. The association refers visitors to the UK agent listings from The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook on the WritersServices site.

PO Box 33

Wayne, Pennsylvania PA 19087
United States


  • Frances Collin

Founded 1948; Specialisations of interest to UK writers: mysteries, women's fiction, history, biography, science fiction, fantasy.

No screenplays.

No unsolicited MSS. Letter queries must include sufficient IRCs. Works in conjunction with agents worldwide.

Successor to Marie Rodell-Frances Collin Literary Agency.

Frances Collin Literary Agent website

37 Goldhawk Road

London, W12 8QQ
United Kingdom


  • Carol Heaton
  • Judith Murray
  • Antony Topping
  • Will Francis
  • Linda Davis (children's)
  • Contact Linda Davis
  • Nick Harrop
  • Ellie Glason
  • Elizabeth Cochrane

The late Elaine Greene founded the agency in 1963, and a number of Elaine's first clients - including P.D. James, Michael Frayn and William Shawcross - are still represented by the company.

All types of fiction and non-fiction. No poetry or original scripts for theatre, film or TV.

Handles picture books, fiction for 5-8 and 9-12 year-olds, teenage fiction, series fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

Also handles adult fiction and non-fiction.

Overseas associates worldwide.

When submitting please include the following:

  • A covering letter,
  • a synopsis and
  • three chapters (or about fifty pages if that's easier).
  • Be sure to include your email address and an SAE for the return of your material.

For permission to reproduce extracts from books by this agents authors approach them as follows:

Advise them which extract you would like to use; the context in which you plan to use it; the print run (if you intend to use the extract in a published work); the territories the permission needs to cover; and whether or not your use of the extract will be for profit. All of these factors will determine how much they charge for the permission. Upon receipt of this information they will send you an agreement letter listing appropriate terms.

They do not answer permission requests by telephone.

Send all requests to Nick Harrop or email to

Clients include Bill Bryson, Jan Dalley, Suzannah Dunn, Marcus du Sautoy, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Michael Frayn, P.D. James, Jonathan Jones, William Leith, William Shawcross, Sarah Waters, Jackie Wullschlager. Children's authors include Helen Craig, Joshua Doder, Amber Deckers. Founded 1963. Children's authors include Helen Craig, Joshua Doder, Amber Deckers.
020-8749 0315
020-8749 0318

27 West 20th Street
Suite 305
New York, NY 10011
United States

  • Will Lippincott is interested in narrative nonfiction and nonfiction in the areas of politics, history, biography, foreign affairs, and health.
  • Maria Massie seeks literary and upmarket commercial fiction (including select young adult and middle grade), memoir, and narrative nonfiction.
  • Rob McQuilkin focuses on literary fiction as well as narrative nonfiction and nonfiction in the areas of memoir, history, biography, art history, cultural criticism, and popular sociology and psychology.
  • Jason Anthony is interested in commercial fiction of all types, including young adult, and nonfiction in the areas of memoir, pop culture, true crime, and general psychology and sociology.
  • Kent Wolf focuses on literary and commercial fiction, including young adult and select middle grade, narrative nonfiction, memoir, essays, and pop culture.
  • Ethan Bassoff seeks literary fiction, crime fiction, and narrative nonfiction in the areas of history, sports writing, journalism, science writing, pop culture, humor, and food writing.
  • Laney Katz Becker gravitates toward "book club fiction," (i.e. novels with substance that you're eager to talk about); novels with a great voice; character-driven stories; and smart, psychological thrillers and novels of suspense
  • Shannon O'Neill seeks narrative nonfiction and nonfiction in the areas of popular science, current affairs, history, and memoir. She is also interested in literary and upmarket commercial fiction

In 2012, LMQ acquired the venerable literary agency Russell & Volkening, Inc. Founded in 1940 by publishing legends Diarmuid Russell and Henry Volkening, and later acquired by Timothy Seldes before its acquisition by LMQ, Russell & Volkening joins LMQ intact as a corporate entity.

For any submissions or general inquiries, please email

We are open to submissions and will happily review your query. We prefer electronic submissions and will respond to those more quickly than we will hard copy queries, but we do accept hard copy queries to the address below. Please do not call about your submission. If you have any query- or submission-related questions that are not answered on this page, please email and we will get back to you within a day or two. Note that we do not represent screenplays.

Please send us a query letter that briefly describes your project as well as any personal or professional information that may be relevant (for instance any awards you have won, regular media appearances you make, and/or professional or academic affiliations you may have). Do not query more than one agent at the agency at one time, though if one agent passes on your work, you are welcome to query another. Include the word "Query" as well as the agent you are querying in the subject line of your email (ie. "Query for Maria Massie"). If your project is fiction, please also include the first 5-10 pages pasted into the body of your email. We look forward to reviewing your work.

171 East 74th Street
Floor 2
New York, NY 10021
United States


  • Richard Curtis

All types of commercial non-fiction.

Foreign rights handled by Baror International.

Do not represent stage plays or screenplays, short fiction/non-fiction, poetry, children's books or young adult books. Guidelines

Does not accept queries or submissions by fax or email unless personally requested.


28 rue Bonaparte

Paris, 75006

Based in Paris, France, in 2000. In 2004 opened an office in New York and in 2008 in London

Writing with international potential.

No poetry, plays, screenplays, science fiction, educational text books, short stories or illustrated works.

No unsolicited email or fax queries - detailed guidelines.

Susanna Lea Associates website
(01) 53 10 28 40

548 Broadway
Suite 5E
New York, NY 10012
United States

President Agent

  • Ethan Ellenberg

Fiction and non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 20%). Commercial fiction: thrillers, mysteries, children's, romance, women's, ethnic, science fiction, fantasy and general fiction; also literary fiction with a strong narrative. Non-fiction: current affairs, health, science, psychology, cookbooks, new age, spirituality, pop-culture, adventure, true crime, biography and memoir.

No scholarly works, poetry, short stories or screenplays.

Association of Authors' Representatives

The website of the American agents’ association ( offers a list of members, suggested points to raise with an agent who offers to represent you, and some further guidance on the author/agent relationship.

1 Pacio Court

Roseland, New Jersey 07068-1121
United States


  • Evan Marshall

We are actively seeking new clients. We accept submissions in all genres of adult and young-adult full-length fiction. We do not handle articles, children's books, essays, memoirs, nonfiction, novellas, poetry, screenplays, short stories, stage plays.

Submission guidelines

We are actively seeking new clients. Queries should be emailed to In the body of your email, please include: a query letter, the first three chapters of your novel, and a short synopsis of the entire novel.

Emails with attachments will be discarded.

Due to the volume of queries we receive, we regret that we are not able to respond to every query. If we are interested in reading more, we will respond within approximately two weeks.

We represent:

Elaine Barbieri, Tom Bernard, Barbara Block, Leigh Carman, Mary Carter, Nancy J. Cohen, Cheryl Crane, Isis Crawford, Colleen Faulkner, V. K. Forrest, Angie Fox, Judith E. French, Sarah Gray, Michael Griffo, Norah Hess, Dorothy Howell, Hannah Howell, Charlotte Hubbard, Katherine Irons, Alexandra Ivy, Vanessa Kelly, Rebecca Kertz, Naomi King, Sylvie Kurtz, Cathy Lamb, Heather C. Leigh, Laura Levine, Candace McCarthy, Melissa MacNeal, John Manchester, Lisa Manuel, Alyssa Maxwell, Emma Miller, Hunter Morgan, J. J. Murray, Constance O'Banyon, Charles O'Brien, Carlene O'Connor, Sharon Page, Deborah Raleigh, Robin Reardon, Farrah Rochon, Michael Salvatore, Deborah Simmons, Michele Sinclair, Bobbi Smith, Karen Rose Smith, Judith Stacy, V. K. Sykes, and others.

The agency was founded in 1987.

28 Moreton Street

London, SW1V 2PE
United Kingdom


  • Margaret Hanbury

Personally run agency specialising in quality fiction and non-fiction.

Does not represent film scripts, plays, poetry, fantasy, horror or DIY.

If your material does not fit in to one of the categories above please send a letter of introduction together with a brief synopsis and the first chapter (or opening 25 pages).

Please note that unsolicited email submissions will not be considered. Guidelines

Authors include George Alagiah, J.G. Ballard, Simon Callow, Jane Glover, Judith Lennox, Katie Price.
020 7630 6768

3rd Floor
64 Great Titchfield Street
London, W1W 7QH
United Kingdom


  • Laura Susijn
  • Nicola Barr

Specialises in world rights in English- and non-English-language literature: literary fiction and general non-fiction

No self-help, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, sagas, computer, illustrated, business, military, screenplays.
Submission of manuscripts:

Please send a synopsis and two sample chapters only to this address, if sending by post or by e-mail to

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for a reply and include an email address for response. If you would like your material returned please clearly state this on your submission and include a stamped self-addressed envelope.
No reading fee.

Authors include Peter Ackroyd, Bidisha, Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent, Uzma Aslam Khan, Robin Baker, Abdelkader Benali, Robert Craig, Tessa De Loo, Gwynne Dyer, Travis Elborough, Radhika Jha, Kolton Lee, Karen Mcleod, Jeffrey Moore, Karl Shaw, Paul Sussman, Dubravka Ugrešic, Alex Wheatle, Adam Zameenzad.

Founded 1998.
020-7580 6341
020-7580 8626

21 West 26th Street

New York, 10010
United States


  • Albert Zuckerberg


  • Amy Berkower

Juvenile Young Adult Agent

  • Steven Malik

Fiction and non-fiction, including all rights; film and TV rights. No screenplays or software. Send a one-page letter in the first instance, saying what's wonderful about your book, what it is about and why you are the best person to write it.

No reading fee. Founded 1974.

Association of Authors' Representatives


7th Floor, Waverley House
7-12 Noel Street
London, W1F 8GQ
United Kingdom


  • Angharad Kowal


Our agents work with literary and commercial fiction, women's fiction, science fiction/fantasy, narrative non-fiction, history, memoirs, biographies, psychology, science, parenting, cookbooks, how-to, self-help, business, finance, young adult and juvenile fiction/non-fiction and picture books. We are interested in and work with authors at all stages of their career. We don't accept poetry, screenplays or academia.

Submission guidelines:
Please e-mail us a query letter, which includes your credentials, an explanation of what makes your book unique, a synopsis and the first three chapters.

Overseas associates
All our US and Canadian deals are handled by Writers House US. They are also the port of call for all our foreign deals, excluding Australia and New Zealand, which we handle.

We represent:
Nora Roberts, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Franzen, John Green, Stephanie Meyer, Diane Chamberlain, Michael Lewis, Jonathan Tropper, Rachel Renee Russel, Jon Klassen, Karen Rose, Laurell K. Hamilton, Kami Garcia, Kevin Sands, Stephan Pastis, Ally Condie, Allison Brennan, Jennifer Donnelly, David Arnold, Elisa Albert, Andrea Chapin, Angus Watson, Dan Vyleta, Barbara Delinsky, Steve Berry, Michelle Moran, Nell Zink.

UK office set up in 2008