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Independent publishers will ‘not only survive but thrive’

8 June 2020

‘Sales have been down at least 50% for April and May compared to previous years, and even more compared to our forecast (we're still waiting for the final numbers)...

As bad as the last couple months have been, the underlying publishing industry is strong. There will undoubtedly continue to be many challenges through the rest of this year and beyond, but we have large numbers of wonderful books across all our imprints coming up in the second half of this year and next year...

I feel optimistic about the sector. Independents are well placed as they've been for a number of years now. We are small, flexible and nimble businesses with relatively low overheads, and as long as we can continue to find and successfully publish wonderful authors and their books I'm sure we'll not only survive but thrive no matter what the future landscape looks like.'

Adam Freudenheim, publisher and managing director of London-based Pushkin Press in Bookbrunch (behind paywall)