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About us

WritersServices was mentioned in the trade press in the Bookseller dated 11 October 2002, when Chris Holifield wrote a letter to the Editor as a contribution to an ongoing debate about the slush pile and what writers can do to get published:

'The continuing correspondence about the slush pile has prompted me to write to you about  Our website is dedicated to helping writers achieve publication in spite of the current extremely difficult publishing environment, but we recognise just how tough it is for them.  Our WritersShowcase, launched in the same week as Golgonooza, currently offers free space (with a small charge to come) for writers to post a synopsis and sample chapters of up to 10,000 words.  However, we don't believe it will be that easy for unpublished writers to break through, so we are focusing our attention on providing inside information about getting published and a range of editorial services to help writers get their work into shape.

The explosion in the number of aspiring writers is not matched by growth in the opportunities to get published.  All those frustrated writers out there should at least be encouraged to work really hard to improve their work, which is the most practical thing they can do to get agents and publishers to take them on.'

Chris Holifield