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Writing for Pleasure and Profit

This is an excellent general guide to the craft of writing, which is full of useful advice on how to improve your writing.  It covers a wide range of writing, including the novel, short stories, non-fiction, articles, poetry, plays, radio and television scripts, and children’s books.

The author provides a detailed look at how to prepare a typescript, where and how to submit it and the potential rewards of writing.  His approach throughout is practical and helpful, and he draws on his many years in publishing to provide really useful editorial guidance.

Writing for Pleasure & Profit by Michael Legat

Writing for Pleasure and Profit

‘The best of the recent introductions to writing, covering novels, non-fiction and other topics briefly but clearly’

Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook

‘Many useful hints … recommended’

The Author  

Paperback 176 pages

Published by Robert Hale

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