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Writers' Reference Essential reference books for writers, including directories which list agents and publishers, and some writing reference books.  
General Guides A wide-ranging category, which includes general guides to writing and handbooks for authors, as well as more specific titles such as those on research.  
Writing Guides Books about writing in general, including improving your style, grammar and word use.  Also books on copy editing and proof-reading.  
Fiction Writing A wide range of books on writing fiction, including titles on plotting the novel, creative writing and editing your own fiction.  
Genre Fiction Writing Books which advise on genre writing, including science fiction and fantasy, horror, romance and crime.  
Non-fiction Writing Books on general non-fiction writing, including writing articles and journalism, writing for business, and specific categories such as travel, history and autobiography.  
Play and Script-writing Writing for performance: TV, film-scripts and screenplays, plays, soaps and comedy.  
Other Types of Writing  Miscellaneous, including titles on writing for children, writing poetry and writing humorous material.  
Educational and Academic How to write textbooks and writing for students and academics.  
'Creative' Writing  Titles which explore writing as a means of personal growth or healing, including writing a memoir as a form of self-discovery.   
Personal Accounts  First-hand accounts, from the great writers of the past and bestselling contemporary authors, and more racy insiders' stories.  
Selling your Work Books on literary agents, proposals, selling your own work and publicity.  
Business of Writing  Everything to do with the business side of authorship, including books on money, contracts and the legal side of being an author, as well as books on publishing.  
Software Office software which is useful for the writer.
Writers' Software Software specially produced to help writers.