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Agents Specialising in Sport

1a Kidbrooke Park Road

London, SE3 0LR
United Kingdom


  • J. Lawson

Founded 1979. Specialises in full-length contemporary fiction, women's fiction, crime, biographies, sport and general non-fiction . No poetry or short stories.

Works with overseas agents.

No unsolicited MSS. Preliminary letter and sae required.

International Scripts website
0208 319 8666

31 Marchmont Road

Edinburgh, EH9 1HU
United Kingdom


  • Jenny Brown
  • Mark Stanton
  • Lucy Juckes
  • Allan Guthrie

Literary fiction, crime writing and writing for children; non-fiction: biography, history, sport, music popular culture. Also adult fiction and general non-fiction. No poetry, science fiction, fantasy or academic.

Represents children's writers and illustrators. No reading fee. See website for submission guidelines.

Submissions by email: Prefers to receive submissions by email. You will find their individual preferences and email addresses listed on their Agents page. Please email your submission directly to the agent you feel will be most compatible with your work. They read all submissions made in order of receipt. Please note that they will only respond to submissions if they wish to read more. If you have not heard back within eight weeks then you can assume that they do not feel that the work is right for the agency.

Submissions by post: Their strong preference is for submission by email, but if this is not possible, then send a hard copy to your preferred agent at Jenny Brown AssociatesLiterary fiction, crime writing and writing for children; non-fiction: biography, history, sport, music popular culture. Also adult fiction and general non-fiction. No poetry, science fiction, fantasy or academic., 33 Argyle Place, Edinburgh EH9 1JT. They will only respond if they wish to see more. Unfortunately they are unable to return material submitted, and their policy is to recycle all materials.

For fiction: send the first 50 pages (no more) and a synopsis in a single document, with a covering letter (see below).

For non-fiction: email a proposal and short example of the proposed work - a sample chapter, for instance. Please include a short note on the competing or comparable literature stating, where possible, author, title, publisher and publication date. It would be helpful to have an overview of possible marketing outlets and a biographical note outlining your background, training and experience.

For children's: Does not represent poetry or plays.

All submissions: Please write a covering letter in the body of the email giving an account of the background of the book and your writing career to date. If you have been referred to us by a publishing or personal contact then make this clear. If you have had previous correspondence with one of their agents please mention this. They appreciate knowing if your project has been sent to or is being considered by other agents or publishers.

Founded 2002
0131-229 5334

8 Snowshill Court
Giffard Park
Milton Keynes, MK14 5QG
United Kingdom

General non-fiction only, particularly biography, popular culture and sport.

Preliminary letter and return postage with all correspondence essential. Submissions
in hardcopy or by email.

Works in association with agencies in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

John Pawsey website
01908 217179

Biography | Fiction | History | Music | Non-Fiction | Sport
2 Deanery Street

London, W1K 1AU
United Kingdom


  • Jonathan Harris
  • David Luxton
  • Rebecca Winfield

Non-fiction and fiction, especially sport, history, music and biography (home 15%, overseas 20%, film 15%).

No unsolicited MSS without prior consultation. No scripts, plays, poetry, science fiction, fantasy or children's books. No reading fee. Strong overseas representation.
020-7629 8325

Box 412
19/21 Crawford Street
London, W1H 1PJ
United Kingdom


  • Diana Beaumont
  • Philip Patterson
  • Imogen Pelham
  • Catherine Pellegrino (Children's specialist)
  • Sandra Sawicka
  • Leah Middleton (film/TV)

All full-length MSS, including commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction, crime, thrillers, commercial, women's fiction, children's, science fiction, history, biography, sport, travel, health. No poetry. Send first 3 chapter

Happy to review new work. Please note they do not represent stage plays or poetry.

See website for individual agent's interests and send only to the agent who is the best match.

Electronic submissions greatly preferred.  Please do not send enquiry or query letters without a sample of the actual work, nor advertisements, qualifications, testimonials, or marketing ideas. These are a waste of your time: only the work matters. Hand written or illegible submissions will not be accepted. Elaborate bindings, folders and packaging are unnecessary.

Submissions are confidential and will be safely shredded if they are unable to offer to represent you. Handling and postage costs means that they no longer return manuscripts, nor do they log them on receipt. Nor can they discuss your work with you before you become a client.

Represents commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction. Please send a covering letter, a synopsis showing the structure of the completed work, and the first three chapters by email. Allow six weeks for a reply.

Represents theatrical motion picture screenplays, TV and radio plays. Please send a covering letter, short treatment and the entire screenplay, by email, to Leah Middleton. Allow six weeks for a reply.

<first name>
020-7935 9499
020-7935 9115

50 Talmage Farm Lane

East Hampton, NY 11937
United States


  • Philip G. Spitzer: spitzer516(at)
  • Lukas Ortiz: lukas.ortiz(at)
  • Lucas Hunt: luc.hunt(at)

Our client list is currently full. However, if you have a project that you feel is absolutely a fit for one of us, or questions concerning our clients and their rights, we can be reached at the addresses show.

Our agency represents a wide variety of award winning authors whose work encompasses many genres; literary fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense, narrative nonfiction, biography, sports, politics, the short story as well as film. Our writers have been translated into more than thirty languages and become bestsellers abroad as well as at home. It is our privilege to work with the most talented writers, editors, and publishers in the business.

50 Rannoch Road

London, SW6 9SR
United Kingdom


  • Robert Dudley

Specialises in history, biography, sport, management, politics, militaria, current affairs

No reading fee. Will suggest revision. All material sent at owner's risk. No MSS returned without sae.

Founded 2000.
+44 0 7879 426574

James House
1 Babmaes Street
London, SW1Y 6HF
United Kingdom


  • Eddie Bell
  • Pat Lomax
  • Paul Moreton
  • June Bell

Founded in 2000 by Eddie & June Bell, Pat Lomax and Paul Moreton.

The Bell Lomax Agency is based in London.

It handles quality fiction and non-fiction, biography, children's, business and sport.
020-7930 4447
020-7925 0118