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Writers' Resources has been developed to help writers get published or to self-publish

We have enlisted the help of a number of distinguished writers and publishing figures to develop our Writers' Resources. Over the years this has become a massive resource base for writers.  Read more

Publishers' contracts | Factsheets


WritersServices Factsheet 19 by Michael Legat

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Agreements between an author and a publisher, or a theatre manager or television company, are extremely complex documents, and you will undoubtedly need help in assessing whether the terms are acceptable or not.  Read more

What Do Publishers Want?

WritersServices Factsheet 1 by Michael Legat

What do Publishers Want?

  Read more

Plotting the Novel | Factsheets

Plotting the Novel

WritersServices Factsheet 6 by Michael Legat  Read more

Write About What You Know

WritersServices Factsheet  2 by Michael Legat   Read more

Literary agents | Factsheets

Literary agents

WritersServices Factsheet 3 by Michael Legat

Literary Agents

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Literary agents do not normally deal with short stories or articles for newspapers and magazines, unless the author is very well known and therefore able to command large fees for such work.   Read more

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Michael Legat's Factsheets for writers

Specially written for the WritersServices site. 

Michael Legat was an acknowledged expert on writing and publishing, and the author of many books for writers.  Read more

Writers' research | Factsheets

Writers' research

WritersServices Factsheet 4 by Michael Legat

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Research is an indispensable part of writing for most authors, and for many it is so enjoyable as to be a danger – don’t get so absorbed in research that you forget to write your story, or feature or book.  Read more

Submissions | Factsheets


WritersServices Factsheet 5 by Michael Legat  Read more

First & last pages | Factsheets

The First Page and the Last Page

WritersServices Factsheet 8 by Michael Legat

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It is essential that the beginning of anything you write should make the reader want to go on reading.

If you are writing fiction, whether it is a short story or a novel, you should begin at or immediately before a moment of crisis.  Read more

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