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Writers' Resources has been developed to help writers get published or to self-publish

We have enlisted the help of a number of distinguished writers and publishing figures to develop our Writers' Resources. Over the years this has become a massive resource base for writers.  Read more

Qualities of a writer | Factsheets

The Qualities that Make a Write

WritersServices Factsheet 10 by Michael Legat  Read more

Articles & Non-Fiction | Factsheets

Articles, Non-fiction and the Market

WritersServices Factsheet 11 by Michael Legat  Read more

Techniques for novelists | Factsheets

Useful Techniques for the Writer

WritersServices Factsheet 13 by Michael Legat  Read more

Revising manuscripts | Factsheets


WritersServices Factsheet 14 by Michael Legat

Factsheet index

Professionals revise, amateurs all too often don’t.  Read more

Libel | Factsheets

Libel in the UK Courts

WritersServices Factsheet 15 by Michael Legat

Factsheet index

A writer can be accused of libel only if what is written can be considered to be damaging to the person concerned.

If the libel denigrates the person’s professional work, it will be more damaging.  Read more

Copyright | Factsheets

Copyright in your writing

WritersServices Factsheet 16 by Michael Legat  Read more

Plagiarism | Factsheets

Plagiarism and Permissions

WritersServices Factsheet 17 by Michael Legat  Read more

PLR and Contracts

PLR, Contracts and Miscellaneous Matters

WritersServices Factsheet 18 by Michael Legat

Factsheet index

Public Lending Right in the UK  Read more

Publishers' contracts | Factsheets


WritersServices Factsheet 19 by Michael Legat

Factsheet index

Agreements between an author and a publisher, or a theatre manager or television company, are extremely complex documents, and you will undoubtedly need help in assessing whether the terms are acceptable or not.  Read more

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