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Why self-publishers need editorial help

9 September 2013

This week we have launched our new suite of editorial services to cater for self-publishers. It may seem obvious that this is a sensible thing to do and we certainly hope that there will be good demand, but in its way it marks a remarkable change in the publishing world in the twelve years since WritersServices was set up - and a huge turnaround in just the last three or four years.  Read more

Agents on limited licenses

18 March 2013

In a column written for the Bookseller, agent Peter Straus, who is MD of Rogers, Coleridge and White and also President of the UK Association of Authors Agents, has questioned whether it makes sense any longer for publishers to insist on signing contracts for the legal term of copyright.  Read more

Amazon powers on with no profit in sight

11 February 2013

Amazon's fourth quarter results have just come in $1 billion (£632,62m) short of analysts' expectations, but because of a 55% increase in operating income to $405m (£256m), shares rose 6%.  Read more

A good 'appetite for books'

21 January 2013

 As an antidote to general economic gloom and anxiety about the pace of change, it's good to have the Guardian blog posted by Stephen Page, CEO of Faber, who has recently pointed out that there are a number of causes for optimism in the book world in the UK:  Read more

Audiobooks - still seeking an audience?

3 December 2012

 Audiobooks have long been the Cinderellas of the publishing business, with many anticipated new dawns which have failed to produce much bigger sales.  Read more

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