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Children's print book sales booming

27 April 2015

Recent figures from Nielsen BookscanUK bibliographic organisation, describing itself as 'the definitive retail monitoring service for books', which shows UK bestseller lists on its website. show that children's print books are doing well in eleven out of the twelve countries the research tracks, the exception being India. That means there's a real boom going on in children's books, heartening news for children's writers.  Read more

Wilbur Smith in search of an alter ego

30 September 2013

The news that bestselling author Wilbur Smith is, as he puts it, in search of a new Wilbur Smith, a younger writer who will take over the job of writing his books, has been in the papers. At 80, he is ready to go into semi-retirement so that he can spend more time with his much-younger wife, while someone else carries on writing.  Read more

A good 'appetite for books'

21 January 2013

 As an antidote to general economic gloom and anxiety about the pace of change, it's good to have the Guardian blog posted by Stephen Page, CEO of Faber, who has recently pointed out that there are a number of causes for optimism in the book world in the UK:  Read more

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