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Manuscript Polishing service

About us

A polishing service for anyone who wants additional editorial help to prepare their work for publication

Does your manuscript need polishing to get it into shape for submission or self-publishing?  Are you looking for the services of a skilled professional editor to help you get your work ready?

We have just introduced a free assessment and a free sample of your polishing as a standard part of our service.

  • If you are planning to publish your book yourself, do you want to make sure that your manuscript is polished to a high standard before you put your work into print?
  • Or do you want to make your work the best it can be for submission to agents and publishers?
  • Are you aiming at a particular international readership, such as the global academic community, business readers or a specialist audience? Let us know if you need a specialist editor.
  • We can edit and polish in UK, US and International English.
  • We will copy edit your work as part of the polishing process.

Since your work may need only a light polish or may require more major work, we need to assess it before we can give you a quote for Manuscript Polishing. Please send your manuscript to

If you have written your work in English but it is not your native language, we recommend taking a look at our new Translation Editing service. This service is designed for the many non-native English speakers throughout the world who write in English but may need help with getting their work up to a publishable standard in that language, or who have a rough translation which needs working on.

Assessing your Manuscript

The editor will need to have a careful look at your typescript to gauge what needs doing and how many hours’ work will be required. This will relate simply to the complexity of the job and the amount of work to be done. We will then come back to you with a free three-page sample, a short assessment and a quote for the work.

Our editors work on screen and we will produce as standard but at no additional cost two versions of your manuscript, one with the copy editing changes made using 'track changes' and one with all the changes accepted. The track changes version will show you all the changes the editor has made.

What it costs  

The starting point for a Manuscript Polishing job on a manuscript of up to 100,000 words is likely to be in the region of £900, £.009 a word, but it may cost more if the work requires close attention, or less if the polishing is quite light. Non-fiction will usually cost more.

The hours the work requires are reflected in the fee structure, which is according to the length of the manuscript. The fee is payable before the editor starts work.

We would normally expect to get the polished manuscript back to you within two or three weeks of receipt of your order and payment, but when we send your quote we will give you a specific date for finishing your work.

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