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Literary magazines - response time and the cost of submission

17 April 2017

In a week when we're glad to publish Sandeep Khan Mishra's list of 36 magazines which reply within a week, it's also fair to consider the question of how much writers have to pay to make submissions, especially when so many of them are rejected.

Literary magazines with one week's response time is a wide-ranging list of magazines which you can submit to, which are looking for material and can respond quickly and efficiently. If you've made any submissions at all, you'll welcome the idea of a list which takes the work out of finding out what there is - especially since waiting to hear from magazines is is one of the most soul-destroying activities for an author.

The range of subject-matter accepted by these 36 is truly vast, ranging from literary fiction to non-fiction and includes science fiction and fantasy, popular non-fiction, politics, flash fiction, reviews, humour, social issues, the economy, lifestyle, horror, artwork and much more.

So far as payment for submissions is concerned, the editor of a new literary magazine explains why he eschews fees. Mark Birley, editor of the new print literary magazine LitMag says:

‘If submission fees are controversial in the world of writers who submit to literary magazines, it's because there's a need to nurture writers rather than add to the haze of exploitation that has come to surround magazines. The growing reaction against submission fees speaks to deeper problems in the literary world that cause writers to resent the very members of the community that should be respecting them and building the community...

Submission fees are now the cost writers pay to do business - the business being the unprofitable venture of paying to get rejected 25 or more times for every acceptance. When acceptance pays only a few hundred dollars, or zilch, ends don't meet. And even if the loss doesn't burn the largest hole in the writer's pocket, the financial arrangement touches the writer's soul...'

Why I Refuse to Charge Writers Submission Fees