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6th Books: Paranormal and Parapsychology

Barbar Ford-HammondSuzanne Ruthven talks to Barbara Ford-Hammond, publisher of 6th BooksAn Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Investigations, explanations and deliberations on the paranormal, supernatural, explainable or unexplainable. Titles cover everything included within parapsychology: how to, lifestyles, alternative medicine, beliefs, myths and theories. The 6th reader is an intelligent seeker of information and challenge. The 6th author delivers exactly that., which focuses on the fascinating world of the paranormal and parapsychology.

SR: Your guidelines contain a pret...ty impressive list within parapsychology: investigations, explanations and deliberations on the paranormal, supernatural, explainable or unexplainable. Is there any subject that you are particularly interested in at the moment?

BFH: I am pleased to receive all books that fit the imprint but any that teach something new or in different ways are always pleasing. The whole paranormal and parapsychological genre is so fascinating that I am a bit nervous saying one thing... but there is a lot of interest in anything to do with ‘the afterlife'.

SR: This is a field that has a more scientific approach to occult subjects and phenomena, but how much experience or background expertise should would-be authors have when approaching you with initial inquiries? Is there room for lay people on your titles list? And if so, what is the criteria for accepting work from them?

BFH: If authors are quoting or reporting then good citing must be used. 6th readers are shrewd and are attracted to particular subject matter as well as to individual authors and would know if someone were feigning expertise. Life experience is as valuable as certificates and some phenomena rely on belief or faith rather than science. We must all respect each other but obey the rule that no harm is done.

SR: What type of material do you not want to receive?

BFH: I do not like books that are critical of other people or their beliefs. I don't want anything that begins with, ‘this will be bigger than Twilight or Harry Potter.' Unless it will! Memoirs can be hard to place, unless the author is very well known, but readers like a little bit of personal interaction if relevant. The reader must get something for their money and the effort of reading: knowledge, new skills, entertainment, emotional experience or a combination.

SR: Have you any advice to offer would-be 6th Books authors when it comes to submitting a proposal?

BFH: I quote from my blog:


Develop your platform.
Do your research.
Believe in yourself and your knowledge.
Toughen up.
Take on board any advice or suggestions given.
Enjoy the process. If you are not, then do something else.

Do not:

Take rejection personally.
Send a proposal enquiry beginning with ‘Dare Sires' - especially to me. It's happened. I'm sure you can guess the outcome.
Fire off angry defensive emails.
Send a proposal and then give up your job.
Think you are the exception to the rule.

If you are working on a typescript that you think might be of interest to 6th Books, have a look at their guidelines under ‘Imprints' on the John Hunt Publishing website, or submit your inquiry in the first instance via the 6th Books website

6th Books accept books that cover the following:

Alternative/complementary medicine: hypnotic matters and other healing modalities within the subject; angels; Atlantis; auras; beliefs; Bermuda Triangle; charkas; cryptozoology (Loch Ness monster, werewolves, Big Foot, phoenix, unicorn and other legendary animals); energy healing; ESP; folklore (faeries, superstitions); ghosts; spirits; demons; spectres; poltergeists; doppelgangers; historical parapsychology; lucid dreaming; MBS in varying forms; mediumship; memoir; myths & legends; NDE; paranormal investigation; possession; psychic abilities/development; intuition; reincarnation; remote viewing; telepathy; theories; UFOs/Aliens; unexplained phenomena such as orbs and crop circles; vampires, witchcraft related material.

Barbara Ford-Hammond is the publisher of 6th Books and Bedroom BooksAn Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Romance, erotica, sensual or downright ballsy. When you want to escape: whether seeking a passionate fulfilment, a moment behind the bike sheds, a laugh with a chick-lit or a how-to - come into the Bedroom and take your pick., John Hunt Publishing Ltd. She has an international clientele as a therapist, coach and speaker. Her time is split between the UK and the Greek Island of Lesvos where she hosts writing and healing retreats. Barbara's desire is to inspire, motivate and share in fun fluff-free way through writing, teaching, nurturing and publishing the best authors.

Commissioning editor: Suzanne Ruthven, the former editor of The New WriterThis well-regarded magazine comes out six times a year and publishes the best in fact, fiction and poetry, including top stories from the Fish Prize and Real Writers annual competitions. Runs annual Prose and Poetry prizes, including short stories, novellas and essays, material to be submitted by end November. The magazine is towards the more literary end of the spectrum, but offers more publishing opportunities and market information for subscribers than other UK-based creative writing magazines. magazine and commissioning editor for Compass BooksAn Imprint Of John Hunt Publishing. Focuses on practical and informative ‘how-to’ books for writers is also author of nearly 40 titles in the MB &S and countryside genres, including two novels.

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