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Fledgling theatre company looking for a play


A new theatre company, House on the Sea Productions, is looking for suitable material. If the right script is found, the play would be shown at either the London or the Edinburgh Fringe or maybe even both. The most salient factors in choosing material will be the characters. The cast should number no more than five at the most, and there should be good, strong characters for two women (playing ages, 45-60 and 25-35) and one man (27-40). ‘ We would be most interested to look at almost anything that writers would like to show us with a few parameters:’

We are not a Theatre in Education company and are not looking for children’s entertainment.

Set requirements would need to be minimal.

Running time should be 1-2hrs.

The company would be on a tight budget.

If you think you may have a suitable play, in the first instance you should email with a brief description of the work.