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Script agents


Literary agents for television, film radio and theatre

If you feel that writing scripts is your forte, these are some agents who specialise in handling this type of material. But hone your skills first producing some audio files and WritersServices has some professional script editors who can report on your work.

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  • RW Ellis
  • R Ellis

Accepts full-length MSS, scripts for T.V and theatre; also novels, fiction and non-fiction. Represents screenwriters. Agents cover film, TV and theatre as well as literature.

Does not welcome unsolicited material but enquiries are accepted in writing.

No reading fee for synopsis, plays or screenplays, but a fee is charged for full-length MSS. Return postage required.


Domestic: 12.5%

Overseas: 15%

Performance rights: 12.5%

Founded 1982.

tel: 020-7434 4262
fax: 020-7038 3699
United Kingdom
Suite 330, Linen Hall
162-168 Regent Street
London, W1B 5TD
United Kingdom

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  • Lisa Foster
  • Sarah McNair
  • Harriet Pennington Legh

Specialises in stage plays, radio, TV, film (home 10%, overseas 15%); no prose fiction or general MSS. Represented in all major countries.

Represents screenwriters and specialises in film and TV rights. Also represents stage and radio plays.

Commission: home 10%, overseas 15%

No unsolicited scripts; recommendation from known professional required.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Represents script for stage, screen and radio. Does not represent fiction, non-fiction or poetry.
  • Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts and accepts no responsibility for any material sent to their offices. If you are seeking representation as a writer, send a letter and CV in the first instance together with a letter of recommendation from an industry professional. You will then be contacted if they wish to read a sample of your work.
  • You should expect a response within three months, but please be aware that they are unable to give detailed feedback on work which they do not choose to represent. Please enclose an S.A.E if you wish your work to be returned to you; all rejected scripts not accompanied by return postage are destroyed.
tel: 020 7079 7990
fax: 020 7183 7999
United Kingdom
6th Floor, Fairgate House
78 New Oxford Street
London, WC1A 1HB
United Kingdom

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  • Sheldon Abend
tel: 212-921-0545
fax: 212-869-4032
United States
19 West 44th Street, Suite 1204

New York, NY 10036
United States

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  • Caradoc King
  • Linda Shaughnessy
  • Derek Johns
  • Georgia Garrett
  • Natasha Fairweather
  • Sheila Crowley
  • Rob Kraitt (associate)
  • Jon Elek
  • Juliet Pickering
  • Elinor Cooper
  • Louise Lamont

Full-length MSS; dramatic works for all media (home 15%, overseas 20% including commission to foreign agent). No poetry.

Submission Guidelines:

If you want to contact one of the agents at AP WattClick for AP Watt Ltd Agents References listing with a view to representation, please e-mail or post an initial query letter and a full plot synopsis. does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, and accepts no responsibility for any material sent.

Please note, all media-related enquiries should be addressed to Bea Corlett.

No reading fee. 

Also represents writers in other media (home 10%, USA and foreign 20% - including commission to foreign agent).

Authors include Quentin Blake, Melvin Burgess, Georgia Byng, Zizou Corder, Grace Dent, Helen Dunmore, Dick King-Smith, Philip Pullman, Philip Ridley.

Founded 1875.

Association of Authors' AgentsThe association of UK agents. Their website ( gives a Directory of Members and a code of practice, but no information about the agencies other than their names. The association refers visitors to the UK agent listings from The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook on the WritersServices site.

tel: 020-7405 6774
020-7831 2154 (books)
020-7430 1952 (drama)
United Kingdom
20 John Street
162-168 Regent Street
London, WC1N 2DR
United Kingdom

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  • John Havergal

Novels, thrillers, faction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and children's books, and graphic and illustrated media edutainment concepts (home 15%, overseas/translations 20%, advertising/sales promotion one-third).

Pitches to publishers and producers. Send first chapter, scene or section, and graphics samples (if any), plus a half to one page plot or topic outline together with sae. No reading fee.

Founded 1997.

020-8341 0442
077 6702 2659 (Mob)
fax: 020-8341 0442
United Kingdom
53 Talbot Road

London, N6 4QX
United Kingdom

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  • Carole Blake
  • Julian Friedmann
  • Isobel Dixon

The agency was founded in 1982

The co-founders - Carole Blake and Julian Friedmann - started their original agencies in the 1970s.

Represent writers rather than one-off projects, building a client's career in many markets and many media.

Book clients Film clients

tel: 020-7284 0408
fax: 020-7284 0442
United Kingdom
122 Arlington Road

London, NW1 7HP
United Kingdom

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  • Georgina Capel (literary)
  • Anita Land (TV)

Submission guidelines

Long list of clients - Specialist with rights and broadcasting.

Founded 1999

tel: 020-7734 2414
fax: 020-7734 8101
United Kingdom
29 Wardour Street

London, W1D 6PS
United Kingdom

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  • Kate Weston


  • Janet Fillingham


Genres Film, TV and Theatre only

Commission Home 15%, overseas 15-20%.

Submission guidelines:

Strictly no unsolicited MSS;
Professional recommendation required.
No books.

Founded 1992.

(fwa) represents a select 'boutique' list of writers and directors working in television, film and theatre in the adult, family and children's markets. We also represents film and television rights in books.

Should you wish to register with us, you can email your cv to:

Please note the following conditions for client registration and any material submitted:

  • send your cv and contact details only
  • do not send correspondence - other than your cv and contact details - without being invited to do so
  • material you have been invited to submit will be acknowledged on receipt and we will do our best to read/view it within 4-6 weeks
  • we will not reply to unsolicited e-mail or other correspondence and any such e-mail or other correspondence will be deleted
  • for the avoidance of doubt, we do not represent books.


tel: 020 8748 5594
United Kingdom
20 Mortlake
20 Mortlake High Street
London, SW14 8JN
United Kingdom

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Working in association with Laurence Fitch

tel: +44 (0)207 316 1837
fax: +44 (0)207 624 3629
United Kingdom
Suite 306 Belsize Business Centre
258 Belsize Road
London , NW6 4BT
United Kingdom

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Specialises in stage plays and music.

Works in conjunction with many overseas agents.

No unsolicited MSS; preliminary letter essential.

Founded 1938.

Josef Weinberger founded his publishing business in Vienna in 1885. Through an association with Johann Strauss II, he began licensing performances of Strauss' operettas. Licensing stage works has been a vital part of our work ever since and the principal Viennese operetta composers are represented in our catalogue: Strauss, Millöcker, Zeller, Kálmán, Oscar Straus, Stolz and Fall. We have administered the copyrights of Franz Lehár for many years for Lehár's own company, Glocken Verlag.

We have expanded into several other musical genres over the years: contemporary classical, light orchestral, educational, brass and military band, and religious. Our associated production music library, JW Media Music Ltd, is a leader in its field, while our sister companies in Vienna and Frankfurt have developed repertoire for their own respective markets.

Today, our theatre catalogue spans the century, from Viennese operettas to British musicals of the 1990s. It spans the globe too, through our representation for the UK and other European territories of the prestigious Broadway show catalogues of Music Theatre International and the Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre Library. 1998 saw another development, our expansion into the arena of the play with the acquisition of rights in the stage works of the Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnár.

tel: 44 + (0)20 7580 2827
fax: 44 + (0)20 7436 9616
United Kingdom
12-14 Mortimer Street

London, W1T 3JJ
United Kingdom

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  • F.H.L. Fitch
  • Joan Potts
  • Brendan Davis

Represents screenwriters and specialises in film and TV.

Also affiliated with Film Rights LtdWorking in association with Laurence Fitch; works with several agencies in USA and in Europe.

Authors include Carlo Ardito, John Chapman, Peter Coke, Ray Cooney obe , Dave Freeman, John Graham, Robin Hawdon, Jeremy Lloyd (plays) Dawn Lowe-Watson, Glyn Robbins, Edward Taylor and the Estate of the late Dodie Smith.

tel: +44 (0)207 316 1837
fax: +44 (0)207 624 3629
United Kingdom
Suite 306 Belsize Business Centre
258 Belsize Road
London, NW6 4BT
United Kingdom

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Performing Arts in Print

Wordville publishes books about the performing arts. Its imprint Salamander Street publishes plays and poetry.

Wordville is an award-winning communication agency, launched in 2007, with offices in London and Barcelona. In 2021, Wordville began an independent imprint to publish books about the performing arts. Wordville's first book Stirring Up Sheffield – An Insider's Account of the Battle to Build the Crucible Theatre won STR's 2022 Theatre Book Prize. Since then, the publisher has continued to champion books about theatre and music including The Strokes' music producer Gordon Raphael's The World is Going to Love This, Alan Strachan's biography Adventurer: Bernard Miles and the Mermaid Theatre and Crisis: The Theatre Responds by Carol Rocamora. In 2023, Wordville acquired Salamander Street, founded in Leith in 2019, an imprint that publishes plays and poetry.

Salamander Street publishes a range of plays including popular playwright Mark Wheeller, two recently discovered plays by Anthony Burgess and it has plays on the UK national GCSE curriculum and being studied at St Andrew's, UEA and Oxford universities.

Salamander Street plays have been produced recently at Park Theatre, Pleasance Theatre, Traverse Theatre, Theatre 503, Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse (Sheffield Theatres), Birmingham Rep and others.

Wordville and Salamander Street together have published more than 120 non-fiction books, plays, poetry collections and educational resources.


United Kingdom
87 Ivor Court
Gloucester Place
London, NW1 6BP
United Kingdom