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Which report?

Help for writers

What kind of report are you looking for?

If you've come to the site looking for a report on your manuscript, how do you work out which one would suit you best? Which service? offers a quick rundown on all the services we offer, but this article will just look at reports.

If you are at an early stage in writing your book, perhaps with a first draft, or want a quick report on how your manuscript is doing, then a Reader's Report may be right for you. This gives a starting-point for thinking about further work and a brief evaluation of your work.

If you are interested in something more detailed and substantial, then we'd be inclined to recommend an Editor's Report. Have you come to a point when you want a professional opinion on your work, together with an assessment of its chances? Are you primarily looking for a professional assessment and a clear framework for how to improve it, probably by moving to a further draft? Then this report may be what you want and our editors have produced many hundreds of Editor's Reports over the years. Often writers have come back for a further report, sometimes a number of times, effectively using our freelance editors to help coach them and help to get their book to publishable standard.

Finally there's the Editor's Report Plus, introduced by popular demand to provide even more detail. This very substantial report takes the form of a chapter-by-chapter breakdown and some writers have found this detail really helpful in getting their book right. It has become our most in-demand report.

If you are a children's writer then we have our Children's Editorial services, a suite of services specially for you, carried out by one of our skilled children's writers.