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'I never thought I'd self-publish a book'

9 June 2014

'I never thought I'd self-publish a book, because for me it has all the hallmarks of delusional desperation. But after my children's book, The Tale of Russell the Sacred Crow, was rejected a few times for one reason or another, I had some commission from my printer and I thought I might as well have a go.

Nowadays you really don't need to self-publish a novel or biography, you can just whack it up on the internet for the whole world to see, but a children's picture book is different. You've got to have a good story and idea, a strong look, and it has to be printed properly. And that isn't cheap. In my mind there is no point scrimping on print and finish because otherwise it's going to look like what it is: a self-published book (and no-one likes a self-published book!). You have to fool people into thinking it is a 'real' book, then both bookshops and customers will take it seriously.'

Matt Carr in the Bookseller